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Register for this exclusive webinar for Indian edtech founders & investors - “Indian EdTech - Open for Vernacular Play?”, organized by EdTechReview in association with AWS EdStart. We’ll dive deep into different edtech companies to learn how they have been successful in their vernacular approach to reach the masses, their current and future plans, and discuss in detail how vernacular in education will help the Indian edtech market reach its full potential.

Webinar Topic - Indian EdTechs Open for Vernacular Play?

Date – Friday, 13 August 2021 | Time – 4:00 PM (IST)

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About Webinar

Through our interaction with expert speakers and attendees of our last webinar, “EdTech for Bharat: Understanding the Market Beyond the Metros”, we learnt about the vast potential for “vernacular play” and how more & more EdTechs are eying for non-metro India.

To understand the critical strategies for success in this non-metro "vernacular" space and to highlight needs, we caught hold of these industry experts:

EdTech Startup speakers

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming webinar, where you get a chance to hear these speakers live and share their expertise, experience and knowledge in a 60 min webinar.

As we know, English is not "the language" for most people across India due to the diversity; we must provide quality education to those students as well. While startups are offering "English" learning and skilling solutions to empowered such segments through enormous platforms delivering fantastic learning outcomes, it is required that resources and tools are made available to such segments in their preferred languages to ensure quality and effective teaching and learning.

Due to the sheer language diversity in India, EdTechs choose the most common languages to offer their products and services. This has caused the non-metro Indian EdTech markets (T3 cities and beyond where the local language is preferred due to the language proficiency lack) to be left out and lag behind despite the digital revolution & the 2020-2021 EdTech revolution.

Join our expert speakers as they exchange thoughts over:

  • India’s non-metro EdTech market.
  • Opportunity for startups – “the vernacular in education" play.
  • How big is the opportunity here?
  • Who are some of the early movers in this sector?
  • What is the end user’s demand from the sector & what can edtech startups do about it?
  • How do investors feel about edtech startups working in this domain?
  • What are some of the most popular vernacular edtech products and services?
  • How do the users respond to the existing vernacular offerings by EdTechs?
    & more.

Who Should Attend?

EdTech startup founders, advisors, managers, CXOs, budding EdTech entrepreneurs, representatives from incubators, accelerators, investment firms, Govt., higher education institutions and anyone curious to learn about the Indian vernacular learning industry.

Date – Friday, 13 August 2021 | Time – 4:00 PM (IST)

Registration Closed

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