[Webinar] Enhancing student employability & modernising your curriculum

Multidisciplinary Approach For Improved Curriculum & Student Employability

EdTechReview invites all higher education leaders & educators to an exclusive webinar on “Enhancing student employability & modernising your curriculum” in association with Coursera for Campus.

This webinar showcases how digital and hybrid learning approaches can prepare students for jobs in this digital age, and how higher education leaders and administrators can support the faculty in providing an amazing digital learning experience.

Experts from leading universities & institutions will also discuss how modernizing the curriculum can contribute to improved student employment.

Webinar for Higher Education Leader

Enhancing student employability & modernising your curriculum

count down, webinar on 1-Feb-2022 @ 11 AM

Tuesday, 1st Feb 2022 @ 11 AM (IST)

Registration Closed

Expert Panel:

Vishal Talwar
Vishal Talwar
Director, IMT Ghaziabad
raghav gupta coursera
Raghav Gupta
Managing Director, India & APAC, Coursera
dr himadri
Dr Himadri Das
Director General, International Management Institute (IMI)
phalguni gupta
Dr. Phalguni Gupta
Vice Chancellor, GLA University
dr suresh r m
Dr. Suresh R M
Pro Vice-Chancellor, BIHER, Bharath University
prof s sriman narayanan
Prof. S. Sriman Narayanan
Vice Chancellor, VELS University
Utkarsh Lokesh
Utkarsh Lokesh
CEO & Editor, EdTechReview (Moderator)

Indian universities and institutions continue to put their education, examinations, and assessment online, but the curriculum structure needs a re-evaluation for better student engagement and employability.

Building a multidisciplinary teaching and learning framework is essential to support students’ overall knowledge, learning, development, and to bridge the education-industry skills gap.

The panel will focus on:

  1. How does a multi-disciplinary education benefit students and institutions?
  2. How to implement a multidisciplinary curriculum at your institution? What are the key challenges facing higher ed leaders?
  3. How critical is multi-disciplinary learning to preparing students for the future job market?
  4. What support does faculty need to provide a world-class digital learning experience?

Tuesday, 1st Feb 2022 @ 11 AM (IST)

Registration Closed

Who Should Attend:

Higher Education Leaders, Owners, Trustees, Chairmen, VCs, Deans. Directors. Head Departments, Academic Heads and Experts, Instructional Designers, Curriculum Designers, Teacher Trainers, Educators, etc.

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