Education for Generation Distracted: Micro-Learning

Education for Generation Distracted: Micro-Learning

The common worry among teachers and parents is that we’re raising a generation of kids in front of screens whose brains are going to be wired differently. We believe that it's already a reality and we need to address this challenge and adapt to this generation’s unique way of learning.  

This meetup is a chance to start conversations between micro-learning professionals, instructors, researches and students:

1) What is micro-learning?

2) How can micro-learning be integrated into e-learning and traditional learning methods?

3) What areas will it be best suited for?

To discuss how micro-learning can be integrated in existing educational settings, a diverse group of panelists will be moderated by Peter F Young, Director at Silicon Valley Center For Global Studies:

Katherine Kuhns, Ph.D., Vice President, Silicon Valley Innovation Center 

Dan Zhou, Founder ReadyEdgeGo

Alexander Gershenson, Assistant Professor of Policy & Science at San Jose State University, CEO at EcoShift Development

 More details here:

Thanks to Marie Davalos for submitting this event to the community. Hope this helps you all.

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