AERO's 25th Anniversary Conference

The AERO Conference will have keynotes and presentations that are connected to our mission "to help create an education revolution to make learner-centered education available to everyone." As always, it will have many workshops that explore and demonstrate effective programs in educational alternatives.

This includes any learner-centered approach, such as home education, Montessori education, Waldorf education, democratic Education, progressive education, charter schools, magnet schools, etc. If you would like to join us as an attendee and a presenter! If you are interested in hosting a workshop, see below for instructions on how to submit.

The AERO conference is unlike any other conference you are likely to attend in the USA. Many attendees have described the conference as "life-changing," so you won't want to miss it!

Click here for a brief recap of the 2013 conference. Click here to read what attendees are saying about the conference.

Conference Dates

The 2014 AERO conference will run from June 26-29 

Registration & Payments

They are currently accepting deposits for AERO's 25th anniversary conference. Placing a deposit will lock you and your group/family in at our early bird pricing. Individual deposits are $50 and can be placed here group/family deposits are $100. Your full conference payment acts as your registration. 

If you need financial assistance, please call the AERO office at 516-621-2195 or write to to discuss your options.

Place your deposit today to register for AERO conference and reserve the early bird rates:

  • $225/adult
  • $200/students & workshop presenters
  • $100/child ($50 for each additional child, ages 3-11)

Use your member code to receive a 10% discount off all conference fees (meals and rooms excluded)! Become a member of AERO today!

For further details about the conference, click here.

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