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Discover and Evaluate Awesome Apps, Websites and Games for Learning, Your classroom is tech ready for digital learning. But how do you find quality tools for student learning -- and integrate them into your teaching?

Learn about Graphite, a free service from nonprofit Common Sense Media, that helps teachers discover and use the best apps, websites, and games.

Graphite makes your life easier in four ways. First, you can discover new tools rated for learning. Second, you can rate and review tools, sharing views and tips on how you’ve used them with students. Third, you can curate by pulling together collections of your favorite tools for learning so they’re all in one place for easy access. Fourth, you can innovate by transforming your lesson plans into “App Flows” using a framework that helps you think with purpose about where, why, and how you are integrating digital tools. Walk away with a new go-to tool to help you select and integrate digital tools for learning.

Learn more and register here.

Transform Teaching with SAMR, On a daily basis, teachers are designing activities to target higher-order thinking skills in order to engage students in rich learning experiences. But the integration of today’s technology adds a whole new layer to teaching and learning. How can technology transform your learning design? Dr. Ruben Puentedura developed the SAMR model as a way for teachers to evaluate how they are integrating technology into their instructional practice. You can use SAMR to reflect upon your application of technology by reflecting on whether technology acts as a Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, or Redefinition of a student task. Learn about SAMR, see examples of classroom activities, and learn about some new digital tools you can put in your “app pack.”

Learn more and register here.

 Professional Development: Early Childhood-Media Partnerships, This session will explore issues, and provide examples, of effective collaborations or partnerships for professional development, strategies for collective impact within and beyond partnerships, plans for involving partners from underrepresented sectors, communication plans for generating awareness and sustaining audiences of stakeholders.

Learn more and register here.

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