Kaizen and INSEAD Education Symposium - Global Trends, Local Realities

Kaizen and INSEAD Education Symposium - Global Trends, Local Realities

The Kaizen and INSEAD Education Symposium, 2014 – “Global Trends; Local Realities” aims to debate/discuss global trends in the context of local challenges.

The symposium provides a world class networking opportunity with organizations like Bertelsmann, McKinsey&Company, IFC, Parthenon, Pearson, WISE, ADB, Laureate, E&Y and many more. Speakers from these organizations are congregating to discuss an over-arching theme of global trends which are shaping the sector and local challenges confronting practitioners and investors. 

Date: Saturday, 4th October, 2014.
Venue: INSEAD Asia Campus, 1 Ayer Rajah Avenue, Singapore.

Why attend KIES 2014?

  • The objective of KIES 2014 is to discuss challenges facing the sector by focusing on potential solutions
  • Panelists have been picked to ensure a wide representation of thoughts, roles and regions
  • The Symposium expects the delegates to actively participate in the online/email discussion preceding the Symposium
  • KIES 2014 should lead to new connections, new lessons, renewed focus, and emboldened thoughts around the role each stakeholder can play in ht education sector

kaizen insead education symposium agenda

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