Creating World Class Schools in India by 2020

Creating World Class Schools in India by 2020

It is difficult to predict the future. In our everyday lives we implicitly assume that the "future will be like the present." So what will education be like in the year 2020? What should education be like in 2020?

EDUtPRO INDIA - 2020 is a confluence of educators, researcher's, solution providers, NGO's and policy makers to find possible solutions and answers to the most challenging, critical and relevant questions we face in education today.

We still educate our children through timetables, bells that mark periods of "fixed time", in a batchsetting symbolic of Industrial age and use tools of the “Information age, in a Knowledge age.

Knowledge Age worker-citizens need to be able to locate, assess and represent new information quickly. They need to be able to communicate this to others and to be able to work productively in collaboration with others. They need to be adaptable, creative and innovative. Capabilities to be able to understand things at a 'systems' or big picture' level. Most importantly, they need to be able to think and learn for themselves, sometimes with the help of external authorities and/or systems of rules but more often, without this help.

A New mindset is required; one that can take into account the new meaning of using knowledge, the new meaning of rightly designed curriculum and the new meaning and art of learning.

Addressing the issues of education in the twenty-first century of India, IBCI has shaped a series of conferences on quality education and the role of holistic development while integrating technology by ringing educators from around the region to explore the latest techniques and innovative methodologies for today’s learning. Today students are growing up with technology and expect it from their teachers in school. Having a range of tools and solutions available, teachers need to know how to effectively integrate innovations in their teaching. 

The Education fraternity today, is a balancing act of keeping up with the latest technology and trends, increasing the accountability of their teachers and driving student achievement across the board. It is essential that we look at innovative educators and thought leaders that are expanding technology, driving progress and utilizing resources creatively for guidance during these challenging times.

IBCI is glad to present the 7th edition of EDUTPRO INDIA – 2020 which will host multiple seminar sessions, workshops, Panel discussions, Round table discussions, Future classroom model and get back to school with fresh, practical, tested and creative ideas that you can implement right away in your classroom. Be the change and Take the Lead. IBCI has to it's credit a confluence about 3000+ schools in attendance over 6 conferences covering different states. EDUTPRO witnessed a host of international educators who spoke about the ideal world-class schools and what are the key elements that are required to make that difference whilst having passionate speakers from across the country that spoke about the change at the grass root level. 



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