EDUtPRO INDIA – 2020 | South India | November  7th & 8th , 2014 Bangalore, Karnataka

EDUtPRO INDIA – 2020 | South India is going to be held on Friday & Saturday, November 7th & 8th , 2014.

It is the annual celebration for Educational Heads who wish to take Education beyond boundaries. Chairman’s, Director’s, Correspondents’, Trustee’s, Principals, Academic Heads, and Teachers will unite in this symbolic event to show the world that together the private Education Industry is an active, productive, communicative and collaborative in it’s approach to Education.This is the only way to change the face on how Education is experienced and perceived. Indian Business Conference Institute Pvt. Ltd. In partnership with Teach for India and Security Sector Skill Development Council is hosting EDUTPRO INDIA - 2020 | South India which has been designed to facilitate education using breakthrough technologies and equip India by blending learning styles from the past with advanced technology available today, to create educational content that inspires the senses and imagination of our children.

This platform in South India is a way to commemorate Education and you’re invited. “Come learn how to facilitate Education using breakthrough technologies,” says Syed Khaleel, EDUtPRO INDIA – 2020 Director for IBCI Pvt. Ltd. further stating “You will find our EDUTPRO INDIA – 2020 | South India event filled with joy, camaraderie, hope, compassion, faith, and love as we honor Educators who are willing to help develop Education. We will also recognize the contributions of the community’s educators, their families, friends, and technological service providers.” Here in Bangalore, Karnataka, we will celebrate with Major advances in Technology like harnessing ICTs in Education, Cross-Currents in Education, Practical Application of Multiple Intelligences, Arts in Education, Research based self-driven Education Methodology, Using Innovative Technology and Pedagogy to Integrate Arts with Science and Mathematics, Communication and Collaborative learning, Self Directed Learning and Pedagogical practices and Cultural exploitation are result oriented topics for Future in Education. This local event is part of a 7 States celebration coordinated by Indian Business Conference Institute Pvt. Ltd. in partnership with Teach for India and Security Sector Skill Development Council.

IBCI is creating a unique platform for noted speakers to present cutting edge technologies for teaching in the new-age learner world. By discussions which would spark some unimaginable possibilities for the future of education. Presenting some of the best speakers and delegates to network, brainstorm and knowledge share to develop our Education system and understand how to transform education delivery with the available technology today. On the whole, IBCI Pvt. Ltd. is facilitating the real possibilities of communication and collaboration in a digital age at the conference. It not only succeeds in channeling the audience and presenters to think of ICT mediation and pedagogy in a certain way, but also creating a platform to its partner organizations to present their aspirations through some of the most premier and most radical progressive schools in interior parts of South India. We are opening doors to new networks, sparked discussions on innovation. “Despite the adversities, educators’ face each day we encourage and would serve as an inspiration to all education institutions.” says Edger Menezes, Director IBCI.

This year’s local EDUTPRO INDIA – 2020 | South India is being inaugurated by Sri. Kunwar Vikarm Singh the Honorable Chairman– Security Sector Skill Development Council, preceded by a series of respectable speakers like Ekta Sodha - VP,NISA,  Romana Shaikh - Director, Training & Impact | Teach For India, Rtn. P. Mohanakannan - Director, Lanchestter Academy Private Limited, Harikrishna Verma - Co-founder and CEO of Creya Learning, Archana Iyer - Project Leader, Teacher Training Portal and Prema Murlidhar - General Manager, Academics and Audit, Next Education India Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Mohit Hegde –Managing  Director Creative Infotech and an  Apple Solution expert and many more.

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Knowledge Age worker-citizens need to be able to locate, assess and represent new information quickly. They need to be able to communicate this to others and to be able to work productively in collaboration with others. They need to be adaptable, creative and innovative. Capabilities on how to understand things at a 'systems' or big picture' level? Most importantly, they need to be able to think and learn for themselves, sometimes with the help of external authorities and/or systems of rules but more often, without this help.

A New mindset is required; One that can take into account the new meaning of using knowledge, the new meaning of rightly designed curriculum and the new meaning and art of learning. Security in Educational Institutions, the right approaches for schools in hiring the correct faculty. The necessary background check and the right approach for schools in securing their premises is one of the key areas being discussed at EDUtPRO India 2020 this year.

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Join us at EDUtPRO INDIA - 2020 to be world class school!

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