2nd Annual Next Generation Learning Spaces Asia 2016

2nd Annual Next Generation Learning Spaces Asia 2016

The Next Generation Learning Spaces Asia Summit is back, organized by the IQPC and will take place from 27th September to the 28th September 2016 in Singapore.

The awaited education conference will cover areas like Discover, share & brainstorm how to inspire learners and support instructional outcomes with innovative campus spaces and digital environments. Attendees get to join experts from the industry across Asia at The 2nd Annual Next Generation Learning Spaces to explore more on bridging the Gap between Pedagogy, Spaces & Technology to Enhance Student Learning Outcome & Increased Enrollment.

More than 30 education practitioners and experts will facilitate more than five types of sharing formats to discuss topics such as planning process to include students’ voices, fostering the link between pedagogical practice and new learning environment and building the evidence-based framework to measure the learning outcomes. The speakers are selected experts and dedicated users of innovative learning spaces, including Educational Architects, Professors of Education, Teaching and Learning Directors, ICT Directors, Innovation Directors, and Institutional Leaders of K-12 and Higher Education Institutions across the world so that all the attendees get a complete knack of the modern education covering all the aspects related to it.

The 2 day conference will cover the following topics via sessions of group discussions, case studies, presentations, cluster discussion, student panel, jigsaw discussions and interviews:

- Embracing the inter-relationship between learning spaces, pedagogy and technology to ensure a holistic learning space.

- Blueprints for designing agile schools and classrooms for smart, agile students.

- Revamping existing infrastructure and buildings to ensure your campus is up-to-date without major investments and overhauls.

- Revolutionizing the E-learning spaces ecosystem to support blended learning pedagogy.

- Enriching the blended learning experience to nurture student engagement and unleash its full potential.

- Fostering teaching faculty collaboration in the design and planning of new learning spaces to ensure these innovative environments thrive.

- Authentic ownership of spaces: Democratizing learning spaces using co-creation model to ensure a pragmatic school.

- Defining and measuring new learning spaces outcomes: an evidence-based approach.

The summit will have over 30 speakers. Some of them are mentioned below:

- Professor Tom Magnanti, President for Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD)

- Dr. Gordon Howell, Director Learning Environments and Technology Services for Queensland University of Technology, Australia

- Lai Chuen Paul Lam, Associate Professor, Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research for The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

- Professor Harry Daniels, Professor of Education for The Oxford University (United Kingdom)

- Associate Professor Kayoko Kurita, Center for Research and Development of Higher Education for The University of Tokyo (Japan)

- Allan Kjær Andersen, Rector, Ørestad Gymnasium (Denmark)

- Fiona Reynolds, Deputy Head of School for the American School of Bombay (India)

After the second day of the event different workshops are being conducted to address individual concerns where attendees get to discuss their individual case and challenges with workshop leaders and peers to leave with actionable strategies for their institution. The attendees will also get the opportunity to go for the site tours post event. It will be a Guided tour of the various Higher-Ed and K-12 institution’s campus and learning environments where presentation and Q&A with a school/university representative will help you experience and understand the real practices of a next- generation educational environment.

So, Book your dates and register soon to get additional discounts.

Checkout the website for more details. 

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