Transform Education and Lifelong Learning Needs in Asia

Transform Education and Lifelong Learning Needs in Asia

Discover the latest innovations and hear from edtech experts at EdTechXAsia 2016 Summit and Expo which starts today

SINGAPORE, 8 November 2016 – To unlock the potential of EdTech in Asia, EdTechXAsia 2016 Summit and Expo kicks off today from 8 to 9 November 2016 at the Singapore EXPO @ MAX Atria.

A thought leadership platform, the event will delve deep into 21st Century Education via two programmes, namely the EdTechXAsia Summit and EdTechXAsia Expo. This will bring together a global community of thought leaders, investors, innovators, influencers and senior executives who will discuss the transformation of education in Asia, alongside EdTech start-ups and their innovations; and result in a roadmap centred on meeting the future demands for education. 

Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, Co-Founder of EdTechXGlobal and Partner at IBIS Capital adds, “Why EdTechXAsia? Singapore is the gateaway to Asia, and Asia not only has the world’s largest student population and workforce but also represents over one-third of all global investments in education technology. Asia is to become the most fertile region for EdTech and that’s why we’re here launching the EdTechXAsia platform to connect the regional ecosystem!”

Adrian Sng, General Manager (Events Business), SingEx Exhibitions said, “There is immense opportunity for education in Asia, led by strong population growth, a growing middleclass, and greater emphasis on education as a source of personal and professional development. And technology has enabled this shift in the landscape, by meeting the demand for education by students throughout Asia delivered on-the-go via mobile devices, by improving the quality and efficiency of education through customised classes, or by giving access to higher education such as through Massive Open Online Classes. EdTechXAsia is the event platform to fuel this transformation and this can be witnessed at the expo, with over 20 sessions ranging from product showcases, to panel discussions and live demonstrations, to foster interactivity and innovation.”

The EdTechXAsia Summit Experience

The EdTechXAsia summit welcomes 100 international thought leaders discussing the future of education via three main programme tracks: the 'Now & Next of EdTech', 'International EdTech Perspectives' and the 'Global EdTech All Stars'. Attendees will learn about the latest innovations in the global EdTech industry through keynotes, panel discussions, case studies, workshops, startup showcases, and pitches.

Some of the sessions that will drive the EdTech agenda in Asia include:

  • A Glimpse into the Future: Technology, Globalisation, Education and Training in the 21st Century
  • The School of the Future for 21st Century Students: Leaders' Perspectives
  • EdTech Global Investors All Stars Global and Regional Outlook on EdTech's Next Key Investment Trends
  • Experiential Learning with VR & 3D: What's Next
  • Exploring Career and Work-Readiness Skills: How can Education Institutions Prepare Students for A New World of Work in the 21st Century

New technologies to drive EdTech at the EdTechXAsia Expo

At the EdTechXAsia expo, 40 inventive EdTech companies are set to transform the global education industry through some of the following inventions:

  • Gateway to mobile platforms: Annikken Andee is the gateway for connecting to the Arduino platform for smartphones, tablets or the Apple Watch. Users can code and create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) on both iOS and Android devices without mobile app programming. By combining the power of smart devices and Arduino's platform, a GUI can be customised with Data Display, Button, Slider, Text, Date and Time input for all Arduino projects. 
  • Learning and skills empowerment: SKT is an education group that stands for Skill, Knowledge and Transformation, and is dedicated to global education reform through unique customised products and services that fit the needs for 21st Century students.
  • Education platforms for active learning: Codetakt develops educational platforms to encourage active learning for all ages. The main service is schooltakt, a web-based learning management system that allows teachers to observe students’ work and progress in real time. schooltakt is highly compatible and can be used on any browser running on most operating systems in any tablet, smartphone, laptop, computer, or other smart devices. Teachers can then distribute assignments and classroom materials on their screens to their students easily.

Additionally at the expo, the 21st Century Skills Theatre will feature select exhibitors, partners and select speakers who will participate in a series of panel discussions, workshops, pitches, product demos and interactive presentations highlighting innovation in 21st century education and skills.

For a list of partners, please view For more information on EdTechXAsia 2016, please visit and

Supporting Quotes from Leaders

“Being extremely passionate about building bridges and opportunities between education, innovation and technology, I am thrilled to participate at EdTechXAsia. I look forward to the exchange of new ideas in the EdTech space.”

- Anna C. Mallon, Director Market & Business Development, JFDI Asia – SINGAPORE

“Being at EdTechXAsia is an opportunity to be part of an exciting innovation ecosystem that brings together entrepreneurs, researchers, educators and investors to explore, create and evaluate innovations that will impact teaching and learning.”

- Dr. Barbara Kurshan, Executive Director of Academic Innovation, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania – USA

“Technological trends are reshaping education.  Teaching and learning approaches are undergoing transformation in the face of technological advancements.  The 2016 EdTechXAsia provides a timely platform for educators and experts from around the globe to exchange views on the essential knowledge and skills to be mastered in the digital age.  I look forward to participating and interacting in this summit.”

- Dr. Clement Chan, Chairman, Vocational Training Council – HONG KONG

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