[Webinar] What is and What is not Personalized Learning?

How do teachers engage learners so they are motivated to want to learn? Right now teachers are working harder than their learners and are accountable for what they learn. Learners need to be responsible for what they learn.

Every learner is unique and learning needs to start with the learner. How can teachers do that? Personalize learning! This webinar provides an overview of what is and what is not personalized learning and about how learners learn best using Universal Design for Learning principles. Expect to learn about interesting models and hear stories with Wow moments where teachers’ and learners’ roles changed. Walk away with some rationale why it is important to personalize learning for each learner.

Date: September 16, 2014 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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Kathleen McClaskey is a recognized UDL Expert and Digital Learning Consultant with over 28 years experience in using technology in the classroom. Kathleen is a frequent international, national and regional workshop presenter on topics that include Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Technology for Diverse Learners, and Math and Technology: Bringing Research to Practice. In 2007, she was awarded a three-year NH Math and Science Partnership grant for the “Science4All” project, applying UDL principles in the science classroom.  In 2009, Kathleen designed and directed the Tools for Learning Math Intervention Project where tools were applied to UDL researched-based instruction in math.  In late 2009, she became the professional development director of three ARRA technology funded projects in NH to create 21st Century Classrooms.  In all of these projects, Kathleen developed Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and a UDL lesson design structure for project teachers to support the learning of all students.

Barbara Bray is a Creative Learning Strategist who believes that anyone at any age can learn. She has worked with schools, districts, individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations around the world to facilitate change and design new learning environments. Barbara posts regularly for Personalize Learning, at her website  and writes a regular column on professional development for Computer Using Educators. Barbara is a teacher, writer, educational technologist, change agent, risk-taker, instructional designer, connector and visionary. She coined and trademarked the phrase “Making Learning Personal” in 2000 because she always believed that learning needs to start with the learner and that every learner matters. She was introduced to Kathleen McClaskey over three years ago. This led them to start Personalize Learning to share research, models and the voices of thought leaders.

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