Have You Got an EdTech Question You Would Like to Ask?

Have You Got an EdTech Question You Would Like to Ask?

Alice Keeler and Mike Reading will be holding a free training for teachers where you get to direct the learning.

During this 'Ask us anything' webinar, they will be answer questions that have been submitted by you and other teachers around the world.  

Click here to register and ask your questions

You can choose to either attend live and participate in the session or we can email you a link to a recording.

Alice Keeler

Alice is an Edtech guru who is well known for her work as a Google Certified Teacher, Microsoft Innovative Teacher and Adjunct Professor of Curriculum, Instruction & Technology at California State University.  She is also the co-author of the best selling book '50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom".

Mike Reading

Founder and Lead Trainer at Using Technology Better. Mike is Australia and new Zealand's first Google Certified Teacher and Trainer.As an ex teacher, Mike’s passion and specialty is in helping teachers to use technology better to increase the motivation and engagement of their students. Mike is also highly regarded by businesses of all sizes as someone who can connect with staff and improve efficiency, productivity and motivation.

Mike is the author of ‘The Teachers Guide to Using Google in the Classroom’ and is the co- author of the international bestseller ‘Amazing Grades’.

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