Ken Kay "Leading 21st Century Districts: A View 10 Years Out"

Ken Kay "Leading 21st Century Districts: A View 10 Years Out"

Ken Kay, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, E-Luminate Group, and President, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, in conversation with Virginia B. Edwards, Editor-in-Chief, Education Week, and President, Editorial Projects in Education.


Video Summary:

"If the superintendents and administrators are not supported in their innovations, the country is not going to improve. "

He mentioned in his talk about how they at EdLeader21 created the community by asking the district leaders the right question i.e. If we create a new group to focus on local district implementation of 21st century education. What would it be? 

And the answer he got was "Form a Professional Learning Community. Create a social community, help us bring together in annual event, social network and have us work together on 21st century education."

He also highlighted in the talk about the importance of 4Cs-

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration

To know how to implement 4Cs, hear about what he mentioned about the 7 step strategy they follow at EdLeader21.

Tip by Ken Kay: In many communities, when you present the technology as the solution it is appreciated but many places don't get the meaning. If you ask them that do you want students to collaborate, critically think? and they answer yes then technology will be a part of the solution naturally.

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