Innovative Education: 10 Must Have Apps for the Classroom

10 Must Have Apps for the Classroom

There is much that has been said about the iPad and how this technology can make a difference to teaching and the classroom. Its design, functionality and capabilities certainly offer lots of possibilities for the education arena, however how effective is the iPad technology really as a teaching tool?

This course explores how the iPad works and looks at some specific applications that can make your lessons more interesting, inspiring and motivating for students. The technology is then linked with the new 'Common Core Standards' and provides opportunities for teachers taking this course to:

  • Learn how some selected specific iPads applications work
  • Understand how applications can reflect the 'Core Standards' and learning outcomes.
  • Learn how to incorporate iPads into your daily lesson plans
  • Learn how to use these iPad applications for Flip Teaching
  • Develop the use of iPad applications as an assessment tool
  • Develop the concept of 21st Century education.
  • Appreciate the benefits for students.

This iPad course is different to any other as it not only provides instruction on applications and how to use them; it demonstrates how using the iPad and applications can be implemented into the Core Standards; and then links the Core Standards to classroom content through providing opportunities for practical lesson design and assessment.

Find the whole Curriculum here.

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