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Internet has added a new dimension to learning. As compared to classroom based teaching, it offers a more liberal and customized system and globalizes education. People can opt for courses of their own choice and pursue them at their own convenience.

Studytonight is a vision to provide easy education to everyone on the Internet and bring the entire study routine of students on the Internet. It is an online platform that allows students to learn great subjects overnight with the help of most to the point lessons and great concepts. It provides students with everything, from gaining knowledge to collecting notes, discussing problems to saving best for exams, and everything else that will help them utilize their precious nights.

Studytonight makes studying simpler and easier for students around the world. It is being developed into a platform, to have the best collection of resources from the internet at one single place. It focuses on a totally different section of students, by concentrating on core programming subjects like, Core Java, C++ etc., though it is expected that they will expand their subject domains eventually. It an open source platform offering free services, and intends to remain so in the future as well.

The features offered by Studytonight are:

  • Easy Lessons: You can discover easy lessons covering difficult programming subjects such as Java, C++, DBMS and more. Studying these lessons helps you get a good hold over concepts and learn everything overnight. Here, lessons for some daunting subjects, are simplified for a smooth learning journey. The to-the-point tutorials make learning easy and fun.
  • A Library of Lessons: That provides simple and easy to understand tutorials for some great Computer Programming subjects including Core Java, Data Structures and Algorithms, DBMS, C++, Servlet, Java Server Pages and much more.
  • Free Online Video Courses: The Video Courses are gathered from some of the best universities around the world like Harvard, Stanford, IITs, etc., and other Internet Sources. They are organized and sorted, to provide you with a ready-to-see collection of free online courses.
  • Quick Topical Tests: These tests cover various topics from the lessons, to let students evaluate themselves. After studying, students can test themselves by taking these tests. They can verify their Answers, and also share their test scores with their Friends on Facebook.
  • Studyroom: It is a place where students can clear doubts. Here they can come and ask questions and help each other by answering questions and be a part of active discussions.

You can register to create yourself a free account on Studytonight and avail of the services offered by it. Your profile page shows the number of questions you’ve asked and the answers you’ve received. You can browse through the online video courses that are collected and organized for you, browse the library for lessons on various programming subjects which are simplified and are made easy to understand. In the Studyroom, you can collaborate with others to help each other understand certain concepts in detail, clear doubts and collect more notes.

Studytonight was incepted with the sole idea of making something useful for students. Here, they can find easy lessons to study that help them understand complex subjects by focusing on the fundamental concepts, watch videos that are collected and organized from worldwide sources, join study rooms and discuss their problems with other fellow students. Studytonight organizes the content to help beginners find all the useful stuff at one single place. It also offers students from around the world to collaborate and produce more tutorials, along with the author’s name mentioned thereby giving students a platform to publish their work, and help others. The use of simple language is encouraged to facilitate understanding, pictorial explanations for topics and easy-to-understand examples are provided which help students to absorb the concepts easily.

The team recently organized CODETONIGHT, a coding event and received great participation from the users. In future, they plan to include more subjects including high school courses too, like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry etc. Many features are in pipeline and they are following an incremental model by releasing new features every two months, to keep the users engaged. A new feature that will enable users to collect more content from around the internet is also expected to be released soon. Along with this, there is also a plan to expand the Library with more Lessons and Videos, launch the Web application that will turn Studytonight into a mainstream education website, give its users the authority to contribute and collaborate with it and turn the user’s experience into a fun ride. The development work is focused on making the website more social, user friendly and beautiful.

Studytonight is the place to be for all the computer geeks and programmers out there and is great for upgrading your coding skills. Try it out and share your experiences with us.


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Author: Saomya Saxena
Educational technology blogger, loves to research and write about tools and tips for educators on how to integrate technology into everyday instruction creatively and effectively. Fond of reading and writing.

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