97 MOOCs Coming Up This April 2014

97 MOOCs this April 2014

This is a list of 97 MOOCs that are coming up this April 2014, compiled by Class-Central.

Humanities (13)

College Writing 2.3x: Principles of Written English

Apr 1st | EdX

JPAL101x: Evaluating Social Programs

Apr 1st | EdX

GWPx: Giving With Purpose: How to get the most out of your charitable giving

Apr 2nd | EdX

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

Apr 14th | Coursera

Community Journalism

Apr 14th | FutureLearn


Apr 21st | Coursera

Marriage and the Movies: A History

Apr 21st | Coursera

English Composition I: Achieving Expertise

Apr 21st | Coursera

Ser más creativos

Apr 28th | Coursera

Fundamentos de la escritura en español


Start writing fiction

Apr 28th | FutureLearn

ANU-INDIA1x: Engaging India

Apr 29th | EdX

The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia

Apr 30th | Coursera

Computer Science (14)

Introduction to VBA/Excel Programming

Apr 1st | CourseSites

Cryptography I

Apr 1st | Coursera

Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures: Programming Mobile Services for Android Handheld Systems

Apr 2nd | Coursera

Machine Learning 2—Unsupervised Learning

Apr 14th | Udacity

Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen

Apr 15th | iversity

CS169.1x: Software as a Service

Apr 18th | EdX

Better Leader, Richer Life

Apr 20th | Coursera

Technology and Ethics

Apr 21st | Coursera

Comprendre les Microcontrôleurs

Apr 28th | Coursera

Документы и презентации в LaTeX (Introduction to LaTeX)


Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story

Apr 28th | Coursera

M202: MongoDB Advanced Deployment and Operations

Apr 29th | MongoDB

Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1

Apr 29th | Coursera

More Data Mining with Weka

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