97 MOOCs Coming Up This April 2014

97 MOOCs this April 2014

Mathematics and Stats (10)

大数据与信息传播 Big Data and Information Dissemination

Apr 1st | Coursera

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox

Apr 7th | Coursera

R Programming

Apr 7th | Coursera

Getting and Cleaning Data

Apr 7th | Coursera

6.SFMx: Street-Fighting Math

Apr 8th | EdX

Logic: Language and Information 2

Apr 22nd | Coursera

Stat2.2x: Introduction to Statistics: Probability


Core Concepts in Data Analysis


Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 2

Apr 28th | Coursera

Getting a grip on mathematical symbolism

Apr 28th | FutureLearn

Business & Management (12)

Evaluación de Decisiones Estratégicas

Apr 1st | NovoED

Creativity: Music to My Ears

Apr 2nd | NovoED

New Models of Business in Society

Apr 7th | Coursera

Global Entrepreneurship

Apr 7th | OpenLearning

Innovation and enterprise

Apr 14th | FutureLearn

An Introduction to Credit Risk Management

Apr 15th | EdX

The DO School Start-Up Lab

Apr 15th | iversity

Social Impact: Measure What Matters


The European Union in Global Governance

Apr 21st | iversity

Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Apr 21st | Coursera

Теория отраслевых рынков (Industrial Organization)


Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies

Apr 28th | Coursera

Art & Design (4)

Developing Your Musicianship

Apr 1st | Coursera

Play With Your Music

MIT Media Lab

Design Thinking

Apr 14th | iversity

Introducing Entrepreneurship for Musicians

Apr 21st | CourseSites

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