Effective JEE Preparation Now On Your Mobile!

Effective JEE Preparation Now On Your Mobile!

"Ednexa develops free Android App for the Engineering entrance exam."

Ednexa is happy to launch a pioneering Android App for the preparation of JEE Main, engineering entrance exam in Maharashtra and most of the other states.

This is a free application that helps students prepare effectively for the upcoming JEE Main exam in April.

From this year, students will have to take JEE MAIN for admission to engineering colleges. This exam, being based on the earlier AIEEE, has a higher difficulty level compared to the MHT-CET that used to be the engineering entrance exam till last year. Understandably, students need to be take help of all the available options to prepare well. Ednexa has provided one such easy but effective option in the form of Free Android App.

JEE is application based exam. To succeed in this, students need to have clear understanding of various concepts. They also need to know how to solve the multiple choice questions using various techniques and shortcuts. It is beneficial for the students if they get quality guidance from expert professors. Ednexa Android App provides such guidance in the form of video lectures on important concepts and likely questions.

Smartphones have revolutionized the mobile world and high-configuration, feature-enriched Android phones are now available at low costs. Most of the college-going students possess these phones. These devices have a huge potential than using for mere entertainment. If they are used for value-added purposes like quality education, it will have far reaching benefits for the students. Ednexa’s Android App aims to capitalize on this thought.

The Ednexa Android App contains 2-3 minutes comprehensive video lectures on various concepts in subjects Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Some of the lectures also contain guidance regarding how to solve most likely questions in JEE Main. These lectures are available for viewing and downloading. Students who have low-speed internet connection or want to see the videos repeatedly, can download the clippings. The App works with all editions of Android on mobiles and tablets.

 To use the app, students are requested to visit Google Play Store and search for Ednexa. They can download and install the app; and start using it immediately. 

In this context, Ednexa has also developed special courses to help students prepare well for JEE Main and MH-CET 2014 exams. These include “Online Crash Course” and “Online Test Series”. Through use of features like online live lectures and online tests, Ednexa aims to improve students’ performance by leaps and bounds.


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