Top Tech Tools for School Administrators and Teachers

Top Tech Tools for School Administrators and Teachers

Technological advancement has actually made education easier than ever. Nowadays, there are numerous tools and platforms available that are specifically dedicated to educating teens and kids, making study more interactive and interesting.

Here is the list of some of the best tech tools and platforms meant for school administrators and teachers to take a look at.


Education Elements:  Education elements help you to get technology support while managing your classroom effectively. It assists you in creating customized learning environment for your students hence resulting in a healthy student-teacher interaction.

Edmodo:  Edmodo offers best platform for teachers to interact not just with students but also with their parents. Its interface is very easy to use; teachers can easily edit the documents as well as check student’s assignment and can give instant feedback.

Teacher Tools

Desmos:  Do your students find Math too hard to learn? If yes, then Desmos is the perfect tool for you. By using it, you can make Math more interesting and enjoyable for your students. Desmos is intuitive and best part is it is free of cost.

Nearpod: Nearpod is the best example of mobile technology combining with education. This tool can be best used by the teachers to monitor classroom activities, sharing contents as well as interacting with their students instantly.

Engrade: Engrade is one of the unique tools that help teacher to connect right resource to the right students at right point of time. Using Engrade, educators can easily analysis their student’s strength and weaknesses, also helps in easy filtering and assigning digital contents, etc.


KhanAcademy: Khan Academy is an online learning platform for students and teachers both. Teachers can get access of around 2600 videos on every subject for better learning and understanding of a particular topic. With this platform, teachers can check their student’s performance stats easily.

Learnzillion: Learnzillion is an online community that is dedicated to educators. The online community helps teachers in better learning of resources and implementing it in the curriculum. Some of the products include Math and English Language resources for grades 2-12.

 Technology for Supplemental Learning

Early learner tools

Kidaptive: Educators can use Kidaptive iPads to help kids to learn better through interesting stories and adaptive contents. Kidapative’s preschool learning series Leo’s Pad is accessible on iSO. It also offer weekly newsletter that provide activity suggestion for kids development.

Fingerprint: Fingerprint offers funny mobile games for the kids that help them to enhance their knowledge. Tutors can use these funny games to engaged the kids in the digital world.

DuckDuckMoose: DuckDuckMoose is an award-winning kid’s educational app store. The apps are very engaging, creative and learning for kids. Educators can use such apps in order to help children to learn things from scratch.

Direct to Learner Tools

Codecademy: Codecademy is an online tutorial for the children. With the help of codecademy, you can help children to learn web fundamentals, java scripts, python as well as coding. Codecademy offers interactive and fun tutorials to learn codes.

Stencyl: With the help of Stencyl, it has become lot more easier to build your own video games. It is the best means to nourish the technical skills in the kids as the platform does not require coding for building game.

Lumosity: Lumosity offers tools that help in improving brain. Educators must encourage their students to go for lumosity, because many studies have suggested that lumosity tools have the ability to enhance the visual attention, executive function and working memory.

Tutoring/test prep

Tutorvista: Tutorvista is an online tutoring company that offers tuition mainly for maths and science. As a tutor, here you can earn attractive salary and can work as per your comfort.  

Tutor-group:  Tutor Group is the world’s largest online English-Language learning platform that helps students to nourish their literature skills. Presently the group is educating students across 40 countries. Tutor group has managed to bag around four awards till date.

Benchprep: Benchprep is best known to prepare subject-based interesting and interactive courses for the students. As an educator, you can enhance your student’s knowledge by using the engaging study material from Benchprep.

College Readiness and Application tools

Parchment: Parchment is a platform that connects learners and educators who depends on educations credentials. Parchment has helped millions of people to exchange their educational credentials.

Mytonomy: Mytonomy is a video library that has around 2900 educational videos. Not just this, mytonomy also offers various products for educators like Mytonomy PLUS, Hosted Solution and Mobile.

Language Learning

Open English: Open English is the best place to kick starts your career as an enthusiastic tutor. As a teacher, you can work offline with the international students and help them achieve fluency in English.

DuoLingo: Learning various languages now become easy and completely free with the help of Duolingo. You can simply practice the document of any language that you wanted to learn and then upload it on DuoLingo.

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