READ Alliance - Early Grade Reading Innovation Challenge 2014

Early Grade Reading Innovation Challenge 2014

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in collaboration with the Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS) formally launched the READ Alliance on 13th March'14. 

The Alliance acknowledges reading as a fundamental step to learning and emphasizes the role of text and comprehension in daily life. In our analysis, we have identified seven key challenges that impact a child’s ability and motivation to read. Please click here to read the report synopsis - Seven Steps to Reading.

Among the chief objectives of the READ Alliance is to identify and scale up innovative interventions in early grade  reading throughout the country. To achieve this, the READ Alliance released a call for proposals, inviting interested organizations and individuals to apply for the ‘Early Grade Reading Innovation Challenge 2014’.
Through the Early Grade Reading Innovation Challenge we aim to discover, develop, and scale early grade reading innovations, with the goal of improving the reading skills of at least five million Indian primary school age children. The READ Alliance will offer platform to leverage Indian ingenuity, expertise, and resources and to encourage/facilitate partnerships and collaborations, to -

(i) Identify game changing innovations

(ii) Rigorously test promising solutions

(iii) Scale innovations that have been proven to work.

Through this challenge READ Alliance will invest in a portfolio of projects at different stages of innovation. To learn more about the Early Grade Reading Innovation Challenge click here and to apply for innovation challenge click here.

For more information and updates on events of READ Alliance visit us at .

In case of any questions feel free to write to us at .

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