Various Ways Students Can Learn While They Play

Ways Students Can Learn While They Play

Kids are full of curiosity; you can say most curious creatures on the planet. They have curiosity about nature, surroundings and many other things that actually interest them. So being a responsible parent, have you ever thought how would you going to respond their curiosity? Well, it’s your responsibility to find creative ways to help them learn better.

A childhood development researcher at Oregon State University Megan McClelland says," Play is one of the most cognitively stimulating things a child can do." Hence, play based learning approach has lifelong advantages; you can go for this to respond your child’s curiosity.

Why Play is So Powerful in Learning?

Play nourishes every aspect of child development; it lay down the foundation of social, physical and emotional skills in the kids, required to become successful in every aspect of life. Today, a number of nations with successful educational outcome like United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, Switzerland, Swede and Singapore are advocating play based learning system.

Play is important in fostering confidence in the kids; help them to develop qualities like, leadership, self-regulation, how to behave well, etc. Learning based play like asking questions enhances communication and intellectual skills as well as improves knowledge base in students.

Use of Various Tech Tools and Apps for Learning

Nowadays, many well-established educational institutions offer digitally empowered classroom to help students learn while playing digitally. Over the web, you can find a lot of educational platforms, play stations, tools and apps that are specifically meant to help students to learn and understand their lesson perfectly. Some of the apps like DragonBox Algebra 5+, Word Raider, Prodigy, etc are meant to enhance the English and Maths skills in the students.

Video Game

Video game is yet another example of play based learning; a powerful tool to advance many skills in students. However, being strict parents, people usually notice the potential danger from the video games not the advantages.  Although, there are a numerous benefits of playing video game online or offline:

  •    It enhances creativity and develops problem solving skills in the students.
  •    It improves situational awareness in the minds of students.
  •    It develops student’s interest in history and culture.
  •    It let kids share the joy of competition together.
  •    It also develops analytical skills in the kids.

Using Apps Available on Web

The Internet is full of resources. There are various applications or apps available over the web that assists students in learning a particular subject or topic. Apart from this, you can also find various platform that engage teachers and students virtually. On these platforms students can submit any kind of query related to their curriculum and ask questions from teachers worldwide.  

List of Play-Based Educational Apps for Students

Finding best app over the Internet that precisely suits your student’s need is little more difficult. Therefore, I am listing some of the best apps that students can use to understand various subjects.

DragonBox Algebra 5+

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is the best app that helps students to learn algebra. It has exceptionally clear design, full of fun that even kids do not release that they are learning the basic concept of algebra.

Math vs Undead

Math vs Undead is another app where kids can learn Maths easily. This app has been designed with zombie characters, kids have to stop zombie using math tricks. It is often termed as zombie math game or a brain teaser.           

Word Raider

If your student is struggling with English language then this app is the best way to help them in their effort. This app is good to increase English vocabulary skills.

Benny Bones 

Benny Bones is a funny app about skeleton system of human body. This app teaches students about the skeleton system and help them to memories the location of bones and various parts of the body. Benny Bones is simple, funny and educational app for the students.


DreamBox is yet another game-based comprehensive app to learn mathematics. This app allows students to practice math on their own level. DreamBox is very helpful for teachers in their classroom where there is huge level of differentiation among the students.


Cinderella is another app that engages kids through fairy tales. Beautiful illustrations involve students and they keep learning new things by story and pictures. This is the perfect app for reinforce reading habit in kids.                        

About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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