New Comprehensive Math Resources for Common Core by Khan Academy

New Comprehensive Math Resources for Common Core by Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a not-for-profit organization aimed at providing world-class education for free offers huge number of resources to teachers, students, principals and home-schoolers.

Recently, at Annual CUE Conference, Khan Academy announced its new comprehensive math resources for Common Core to support teachers and students. Khan Academy also revealed new grade-level math resource associated to the Common Core, to make sure students practice and nourish their skills at their own pace.

Salman Khan, Founder and Executive Director of Khan Academy said, "This fall, the new Common Core standards are rolling out to millions of teachers and students across the country. And while the standards may be common, we know that students are not - every student has their own learning journey. This is why we are committed to personalized learning that lets students practice what they most need help on and lets teachers see where each student might need extra attention."

The Common Core comprehensive new materials contain various interactive math exercises. The new resources material focuses on the real-world application, conceptual understanding, and procedural fluency. Every exercise under this comes with comprehensive clarification of the solution.

In the new core comprehensive Maths resource, students can move and complete the mission at their own pace. The grade-level exercises designed to assist students in mastering all the concepts required. Some of the features of newly designed Math resource includes:

  •    A number of new, interactive math questions fully associated to every standard from K-12.
  •    Emphases on theoretical understanding, technical fluency, and real-life application
  •    Maths Resource is created and reviewed by 40 math educators
  •    Each problem is accompanied by proper solution

At the Khan Academy, students can utilize wide content available on the website’s library, including shared tasks, assessments, and many useful resources like videos that can easily get access using web or computer. Today, Khan Academy is listed among world’s number one online academy that provides great resources for students, educators and teachers.


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