Tool that Helps You Answer: Do All My Students Understand?

Students are living in digital era where everything is easy and possible with the help of technology. Today, there are numerous web resources that assist students in better learning, among them, Geddit is one. Let’s find out more about this useful and amazing learning resource.

Geddit is a web-based free app used by the teachers in the classroom. It enables students to give immediate feedback about their understanding of a particular lesson. Justin Mann is the founder of this amazing learning resource. In his words, "Geddit empower students with the ability to make accurate self-evaluation about their understanding as they are being taught."

How to Get Started With Geddit?

Geddit provides easy navigation to enable teachers and students to use this resource effectively for better learning and development. By visiting, students can sign-up or sign-in to the account. They can use either:

  •    Email
  •    Student ID number
  •    Custom Usernames
  •    Google Account

Not just students, in fact teachers can do create account and help students to use Geddit. While creating a 'New Class' teachers can 'Add Students' by giving them exclusive class code. They can share the code with their students by dropping them an email or by writing it over the board or by showcasing in the classroom on the projector. Once students join, they do not need code again.

What is Geddit "Check-In"?

Teachers can ask their students to use "check-in" feature to help them to demonstrate their understanding about a particular lesson. "Check-in" includes:

  •    I don’t understand 
  •    I think I get it?
  •    I'm OK with this
  •    I’ve got this
  •    Easy, I could teach my friend!

These are the "check-in" that will help tutors to get their student’s feedback about a lesson. Moreover, teachers must take a moment to help students to learn the meaning of each "check-in".

Also teachers need to clear few more things about the "check-in" to the students.

  •    Each "check-in" is private.
  •    Students aren't graded on the basis of their "check-in".
  •    Students can make a "check-in" at any point of time.
  •    Pace the lesson
  •    Collaborative groups or facilitate peer-to-peer learning
  •    Differentiate

"Check-in" feature is very much helpful for teachers. They can easily look out student's learning throughout the lesson. Amid teaching lesson, they must ask their students to answer or "check-in" using Geddit. On the basis of "check-in", provided by the students, a teacher can:

How Geddit Enables Dynamic Student Grouping?  

  • Geddit has been designed to use it with any lesson. Teachers can merely run it and start collecting student’s instant feedback during the lesson, as they actively participate in the discussion using Geddit.
  • Teachers can divide lesson into five parts as students can make only five "check-in" during each lesson.
  • Teachers can check students learning confidence level about a lesson as color code bar. However, student cannot see their peer’s confidence. Students selecting one, three and five bar appear red, blue and green respectively on teacher’s screen.
  • Such information helps teachers organize classroom on the basis of student’s confidence or understanding. Using the color bar, teacher can set response for the students.
  • Additional Features that Geddit offers

    Organize Questions Topic Wise: Teachers can organize questions topic wise for their lesson. The natural workflow on Geddit is same, but now it is little easier to put things in order.

    Geddit is on iOS: The app is now available on iOS for the students.

    Share a student response with the class: This feature is really cool. It enables teacher to share student’s response anonymously with the class.

    Review screen upgrade: Now Geddit display information using pie-chart. Teachers can easily collect and breakdown the "check-in" provided by class. It also helps to see teachers to analyze students who are struggling at some point through the lesson. 

  • What Teachers have to Say about Geddit?

    Rebecca Girard, a Science at Notre Dame High School - Belmont, California says, "With Geddit I have found my students to be very expressive. It engages them and provides the opportunity for formative feedback throughout a lesson.”

    Donna Teuber, a Team Leader for Technology Integration at Richland School District Two - Columbia, South Carolina said, "I used Geddit with twenty principals to model how Geddit can provide teachers with instant feedback throughout a lesson. Geddit worked well during my presentation, and we're seeing teachers begin to use Geddit on a regular basis."

    Have you ever tried Geddit in your classroom? If yes, then we would love hear your experience in the comment box or if not you must try it once and share your amazing experience with us.

    Happy Learning!


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