Technology Together: Whole-School Professional Development

Technology Together: Whole-School Professional Development

Technology Together is a book by Renata Phelps and Anne Graham describing a professional development process for K-12 schools that focuses both on whole school and individual teacher change.  

The motto of Technology Together is “I Can-You Can,” which sums up the philosophy of teachers supporting each other to move forward with technology learning and implementation in the school community.

One of the things that is refreshing about Technology Together: Whole-School Professional Development for Capability and Confidence is that it describes a flexible implementation process. The process is based on a philosophy of professional learning that underscores the development of attitudes, values and beliefs that promote confidence and openness. Ideally, under such conditions, teachers are able to adapt to change and are enthusiastic about ongoing learning. 

Technology Together provides strategies to empower staff to become confident risk-takers. These strategies grow out of the idea that, in the world of technology, the people who seem “out in front” are the ones who are most comfortable in engaging with the unknown or untried. They may not be any smarter than the rest, but what they possess is confidence – and that confidence increases as they expand their own capabilities.

The book is divided into seven chapters.

Read more about the book in this review here.

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