5 Amazing Digital Storytelling Apps for Kids With iPad

5 Amazing Digital Storytelling Apps for Kids With iPad

Digital storytelling is the best tool for the classroom to engage students of all grade levels. It is the best way to help your student to learn things with fun. Moreover, digital storytelling practice gives students a way to communicate information in a reliable way.

One of the best things about digital storytelling is that a student can create work that can demonstrate their understanding. Here is a list of five amazing digital storytelling apps for kids with iPad.

Amazing App Stories

Amazing App Stories offer a community place for combined fiction writing. Using this app, one can write small paragraphs and can see how a story develops and find wonderful reading. This digital storytelling app covers the old game in which an individual can writes on the same story. Every one writes a small paragraph then follows how the story develops.

Some its features are:

  •    Free
  •    No ads
  •    No in-app-purchase

Little Story Maker

Little story maker is app is among the best digital storytelling app as it is approved by teachers, parents, and kids from all across the globe. The makers of Little Story provide a mystic way to adore your stores and personal pictures with your kids. Kids just love to hear stories with images of places and people they are acquainted with. Elder kids have the ability to easily make stories on their own.

How to create stories on Little Story Maker?

  • Click on the app to add a story
  • Name the story
  • Now can record, photo and text
  • Now your first story is ready
  • Share wherever you like

Why Kids Love This App?

  • Children love to hear stories in their parents voice
  • Children love hearing stories of their own journeys
  • Elder children will love to learn easy way to create their own story


  • Add many stories
  • Book Templates
  • Add recorded voice
  • Add pictures
  • Three playback support modes
  • Multi-sensory learning tool
  • Multi-language support

Strip Designer

Strip Designer is an app that enables you to create your own personal comic strip on your own iPad, iPod or iPhone. While making comic strip, you can use your own pictures from your own iPhone camera or album. You can even download directly using your Facebook account. Photos can be even filters; layout could be changed as per your needs. Users can even paint their photos, or draw or sketch.


  • More than 100 templates
  • Multipage books
  • Color gradients
  • Insert maps
  • iCloud sync
  • Page effects
  • Change ballon size, rotation, color, and transparency
  • Text with per letter colors and fonts
  • Much more


StoryKit enables you to create an electronic storybook. Using this app, you can:

  • Write text
  • Demonstrate by drawing over the screen, capturing photo of anything, or drawing something on paper and then photograph it, and then attach it in your album.
  • You can then record sounds to tell a story with sound effects.
  • Your story will always be saved in your iPhone. You can easily carry it on your work.  You do not need any account. You can just upload your story using StoryKit web server and email a link within the app.

i Tell a Story

i Tell a Story  helps kids to record and narrate their own stories.  i Tell a Story offers complete audio recording and editing tool. Using this app, users can add funny music and sounds picture, title, as well as the name. Users can also share their as well as can send their audio book for others.

Kids can also utilize the i Tell a Story app to rehearsal oral reading fluency, renovate rhyme writing, describe how they resolved a math question, rehearsal utilizing new vocabulary, or write or story.

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