5 Great iPad Apps for Classroom Management

5 Great iPad Apps for Classroom Management

More students present in the classroom, the more time teachers have to devote in the classroom management. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that teachers require a lot of classroom management tricks and tips; so that, they can able to retain their student’s focus to the lessons.

Luckily, the large numbers of students into a classroom can be handled with the amplified classroom management technology. Various classroom management apps help teachers in managing their students and keep their classrooms under control. Here is a list of five apps that every teacher must know.


ClassDojo is an app that teachers can utilize for giving their students positive feedback about their behavior as well as manage their classroom. Using this app, teachers can also share student’s progress report with their parents. ClassDojo helps in making beautiful report card as well as easy classroom management. Everything is built in this app and one can easily syncs across all the devices. Some important features of this amazing app are:

  • Hassle-free data
  • Smoother lessons
  • Free for teacher


TeacherKit is a wonderful app for teachers; it act as personal organizer for them. It assists tutors to arrange their classes as well as their students. Its simple and in-built interface allows teachers to keep a track of the grades, behavior and attendance of their students. Some important features of this amazing app are:

  • Better customer support model
  • 24*7 app support team
  • Responsive, effective and convenient app
  • iOS 7 Compatibility


Nearpod is an app that has been utilized by around 2.000.000 students worldwide. This is a platform that helps teachers to utilize their iPads to handle content on their students' iPads, or iPods. Nearpod integrates collaboration, presentation, as well as actual assessment tools into one combined solution. Some of its feature includes:

  • Storage space capacity up to 3GB
  • File can be uploaded up to 40MB
  • Up to 50 more per session students
  • Convert a PDF into a NPP (Nearpod Presentation)
  • Interactive features like twitter timelines, insert web pages, audio slides, etc

Teacher Clicker

Teacher Clicker is a smart app that helps teachers to manage their classroom. The app is student response and very easy to use. Using this app, teachers can engage their classroom using educational games as well as exercises meanwhile capturing student results in actual time. Using this app, you can make a library of activities as well as can share it in a community. Some of its features are:

  • Quick Quiz
  • Space Race
  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer Questions
  • Add images

Stick Pick

Stick Pick is one of the unique and first app that satisfy linguistic needs of every learner. While setting up the apps, teachers can pick a group of question they want to focus on for every student. Teachers can easily frame questions based on language skills as well as degree of difficulty; all such things can be set as per the learner’s capability. Some of its features include:

  • Teachers can rate students answers
  • Progress parent-school communication
  • Support common core standards
  • Can create many classes
  • E-mail student data
  • Adds iOS 7 support
  • Fixes "Settings" button on iPad
  • Fixes "Sound" on/off issue

Using these five wonderful Classroom Management Apps can make your life wonderful and easier. Try these apps now and check which one assists you more in managing your classroom. If you will use these apps, your students will definitely like your technologically understanding. Hence, you would be able to manage your classroom effectively and this will you can teach better.

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