11 Amazing Sources for Online Professional Development for Teachers

11 Amazing Sources for Online Professional Development for Teachers

Professional development means preparing an individual for their professional role, so that, they can deliver their duties effectively. Professional development is required in almost every field and I believe the most in the education sector.

Teachers need to keep pace with the change around them and other reasons driving need for change in education, they need to be professionally effective while doing their jobs, since they guide the future of the nation i.e students.        

Good news is that with the advancement in the web technology, there are so many online resources available that can help teachers in their professional development.

Here is the list of eleven amazing sources for online professional development for teachers.


ASCD provides a number of online courses for the professional growth and development of teachers; check its website. ASCD offer a huge range of subject as well as resources on teaching, STEM subjects, Common Core as well as effectively teaching using technology. All the courses offers at ASCD are at good price (approx $99). The website also provides additional resources that are very much helpful for teachers like suggesting various books to buy, etc.

Intel Teach Elements

Intel Teach Elements provides continuing education courses online for educators that emphasis precisely on use of technology in 21st century. The courses designed helps teachers in learning about various topics such as learning about social media, technology and 21st century assessments. While taking these courses, you do not require giving hours to take classes. Courses are focused and short format.

Library Of Congress Teacher Modules

The Library of Congress provides online ‘Teacher Modules’ for free of cost. Courses designed here is to assist teachers on how to utilize the enormous resources available in the library as well as online. Courses offered here are perfectly appropriate for teachers of all levels. After completing the course, one can own certificate of completion not graduate credit.

TEQ Online PD

TEQ online PD offers almost 50 courses on the most essential tech integration challenges faced by the teachers as well as professional development programs. 

ISTE Professional Learning

ISTE offer a lot of professional learning services and products for the teachers that are effective and easily accessible and also have great value. By taking course from ISTE, teachers can sharp their skills. Join ISTE course today and benefit your career from our:

  •    Webinars
  •    Online Courses
  •    Custom Professional Learning
  •    Consulting Services
  •    Graduate Certificate Program

Microsoft Educator Network

Microsoft educator network offer courses for professional development for educators. Few of the courses covered are:

  •    Windows 8 in the Classroom
  •    Teaching with Technology
  •    21st Century Learning Design
  •    Windows in the Classroom
  •    Digital Literacy

PBS Teacherline

PBS Teacherline provides a huge variety of courses online specifically for teachers. Some of the courses will help you get credit depending on enrollment in the class. Pricing depends on the graduate credit and do not varies from one course to another. Almost all K-12 subjects are provided, and courses into technology integration. There are courses also provided that is valid for college instructors also.

Annenberg Learner

Annenberg Learner provides a huge range of workshops and courses online. These courses can count for graduate credit (depending on the course) as well as continuing education credit). Here, teachers also have the choice to buy DVD in place of attending the online class. Teachers can search by grade level and subject matter. The website also provides detailed descriptions about their courses. So that users can understand the if a certain course is useful for them or not.

Teachers First

TeachersFirst provides free courses to the educators in in two setups: pre-recorded and live sessions on a number of educational subjects. If you will take part in a live session, you will be eligible to get certificate of completion. Subsequently one needs to take part in a live session in order to get the participation certificate. Live session is much flexible than looking pre-recorded courses.

Modern Lessons

Modern Lessons is free e-learning platform specifically designed for those educators and students who are looking to upgrade their prevailing technical skills or wanted to get started with the technology. Here, there are a lot of ‘basics’ classes offered, such as how to begin a Twitter account into a classroom. In Modern Lessons, there is a section that specifically emphases on the stuff that are helpful for the teachers, such as an overwhelming guide how to use Google in Education.


ScholasticU is the online platform for professional development of teachers. The website provides courses for graduate credit and continuing education; the courses are for both administrators and teachers. ScholasticU provides a lot of ‘quickies’ and full-format courses as well as. These courses are meant for providing easy access of information whenever required. The website also provides a lot of community of like-minded teachers to communicate and collaborate.


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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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