Great Tools for Creating Your Own Educational Infographics

Five Great Tools for Creating Your Own Educational Infographics

Visual communication has great impact. Communicating visually is the most effective means to get your message perfectly conveyed. And in doing this, infographics plays a crucial in this digital world where people are bored with reading.

No doubt infographics are great means to attract readers to your content/information. If you ask a reader to pick between a lengthy article of 1000 words and an infographic with pictures that just requires few scrolls; they will for sure go for the infographic.  

Nowadays, infographics have been used in all industries, and of course how we can forget the education sector. Here is a list of great tools to create your own educational infographics. is useful for drawing Venn diagrams. If you actively use social media for marketing your products and services then you will be doubly benefit by using It is because infographics created at integrate well with Facebook and Twitter data. The website offers very friendly interface; it is simple and plain and creating Venn diagrams is a real fun here.


Piktochart is basically What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) web-based tool. Here, you can make infographics by dragging and dropping. You will get six free themes to create infographic. However, the professional version of Piktochart offers more themes with more customization. Although, customization at some level is also accessible in free version; you will get watermark option in free version as well. Infographics can be saved here as PNG or JPG. PDF for pro version as well, and can be exported to Slideshare and Evernote that is frequently used by teachers.


In order to use Tableau, you need to download its software. Using this software, you can make and share engaging graphs, charts, live dashboards, maps, and many other fun applications in a very short time and then share anywhere over the web. Tableau is a fun tool that could help you to create cool and informative infographics. is the best place to create simple and meaningful infographics. It is web-based tool, so users do not need to download or install any software. You can directly make infographics in utilizing real data. There are lots of options available about charts that include map charts, scatter charts, bubble charts, radial bar charts, and much more. Another benefit of using is that you can easily insert these infographics in any webpage, but you would not be able to download your creations in PC.


Easelly is the best website to create a pictographic for storytelling. Web-based tool Easelly has friendly interface and offers a number of themes. Using this website, you can easily create and process flows, maps, and much more. Easelly provides many objects and icons in order to create intuitively and informative infographics.

Infographics are well known to provide engaging content and they are also entering in the world of education. Educators find infographics as the best tool for helping their students in better visual learning.

Here are some other tools that can be used by teachers to create infographics for their students.

Icharts: It helps you to make eye-catching and engaging charts to share data.

Creately: One of the best tools to make interactive diagrams and chart using various templates.

Stat Planet: Using this tool, you can create amazing visualizations to share them with other users. Infographics created here can be embedded in the browser.

Many Eyes: Many Eyes offer ready-made visualisations that can be filled in the data.

Wordle: It helps to generate words clouds from provided texts.

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