Equip Your Child with 7 Best Apps to Help Him Fight Autism

Equip Your Child with 7 Best Apps to Help Him Fight Autism

Autism is basically a mental disorder that is developed at the age of three years among children. In this disorder, the child lacks social and communication skills and finds it difficult to interact with others.

One of the treatments that doctors and psychologist recommend for autistic kids is mind therapy through which the impact of this disorder on the child can be reduced to minimum. Nevertheless, there are different kinds of others treatments are available as well that specialists use against autism such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech-language therapy, Physical therapy, etc.

During the past few years a number of creative apps have been developed for autistic kids. Those apps not only allow parents to treat this disorder but also help them spread its awareness in their circles. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps that can assist parents in improving their autistic children’s social and communication skills.


NCSOFT has developed this app after the two long years of some continuous struggles and surveys. The game features more than 100 beautiful images, dozens of games with puzzles and 8 short farm-base-theme games. The app is a powerful combination of fun plus interactive learning. It boosts up child’s language skills, provides him with better understanding of visual elements, fine-tune his motor skills and do much, much more. When the child gets stuck somewhere while playing, it provides hints to help him solve the issue or problem without any external help.

Tap To Talk

 It is one of the best applications for non-verbal autistic children. The app contains sample albums in a variety of different languages like English, Italian, German, etc. The specialty of this app is that it enhances the communication of an autistic child with his parents or siblings by a simple tap to talk feature. Basically, the child selects the desired image and tap on it to let the device tell the orders around him what he wants. It is a must-have app for parents who have kids suffering from any speech delay disorder.

What’s The Word

It is an amazing app that teaches the autistic child how to maintain consistency and focus on objects. Different pictures are shown on the screen as a hint to let the user guess the appropriate word.


It allows the users to develop social and behavioral skills through contextual environments created from visual elements like bedroom, kitchen, classroom, and playground. The special feat of this app is that it lets the users learn from a variety of visual supports like video modeling, video stories, visual scenes and visual schedules.


 Featuring on more than 1000 symbolic pictures, the application works using the same mechanics as tap to talk in that it allows the user let the device do the speaking for him. It is best for those children who find difficulty in communicating due to speech disorder. It gets easier for them to communicate with the help of audio-visual aid provided by the app.


It allows users to learn with the help of expressive pictures so that they may enhance their speech skills. These pictures can be used to construct sentences which they can share with other people. The latest update of this application allows the users to sort out any picture of their choice from different categorized folders. User may also add or delete pictures from the application.


One of the best apps in this list is Choiceworks that gives autistic children a sense of doing things in an organized and systematic manner. It basically teaches them how they can schedule their timetable and observe it accordingly. You may also insert or delete new images in this app. Apart from it, this app has voice recording options, so that children can record their own voice and can listen it to bring improvement to their speech skills.



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