Five Enterprising Tools for Promoting Collaboration in the Field of Education

Five Enterprising Tools for Promoting Collaboration in the Field of Education

Education plays a great role in uplifting society by enlightening people with knowledge. In order to raise the quality of education and to educate more and more people, innovative teaching methods and techniques need to be adopted.

Using online collaboration tools can be a good option for educating people who live far and away. These aids coupled with traditional classroom teaching can give a huge boost to education.

Teachers, students, parents, administrators and other people and agencies can actively collaborate and communicate with each other through these tools and can better share their ideas and views, provide suggestions and tips as well as participate in education-centric projects.

1. ProofHub

This project management and collaboration tool enables improved collaboration among people. So teachers can better communicate with fellow teachers, students, parents and others over teaching related matters. Similarly students can better connect with other students and raise their concerns, doubts and get prompt tips and suggestions which will help them in learning better. Even if they are separated by huge distances, they will face no difficulty in communicating with each other. Students can better track their assignments through to-do’s. Through timely email notifictions, they will come to know of due dates of their assignments, so they can complete and submit them on time without forgetting or missing them. Through calendar, they can precisely track the schedule of online meetings, lecture sessions, events and other engagements and mandatorily participate in them. They can effortlessly share files and information. Education-related projects can be better organized, scheduled and executed.

2. Asana

This tool enables teachers and students to better manage and execute their tasks. Their tasks, conversations, ideas, plans and files are put together at the same place, so they can work more productively without excessively using emails for communicating and collaborating among themselves. They get better updated over various activities happening at their work, plans and projects. Its calendar feature helps to keep track of time spent over execution of various tasks.

3. Wunderlist

This enterprising online collaboration software enables better documentation and execution of tasks through creation of to-do lists which can be effectively shared among teachers, administrators and others. Big tasks can be further divided into smaller and achievable goals. Emails can be turned into actions by forwarding them further. Due dates can be set for various education and teaching related tasks and these can be tracked through notifications. So a task does not get missed and gets completed before its deadline.

4. Zoho Projects

This project management tool enables better collaboration among people over educational and other related matters. They can effectively collaborate using wiki, forums and chat. They can perfectly plan for educational events. It helps to effectively manage and deliver educational projects on time and target. It enables precise time tracking, reporting and planning over them.

5. AtTask

 This tool enables better work management and educationists can better communicate and collaborate through social collaboration. Prioritized work lists help in scheduled and organized execution of assigned tasks to the concerned individuals. They are kept updated about activities happening in educational projects through streaming updates. Customizable dashboards help to know and track activities taking place in them. So these can be timely and successfully completed with due achievement of their specific objectives.

These tools can enable better collaboration over education related matters and people can work together for improving quality of education. This will also make education accessible to a greater number of individuals based in different parts of the globe. Thus people can collaboratively work towards global education. If you have any tips or tools to suggest which can contribute to the cause of education, please share them with us.

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My name is Sharon Davison and I have the pleasure of being a Kindergarten teacher in Vermont. I have been teaching for 25 + years. During my teaching career I have worked with 1st through 4th grade. I am now embarking on a new journey… Kindergarten! I value collaboration and innovation. The world is changing so fast and the tools that are available to support, enhance and engage from a teaching view are endless. I look forward to making connections with others who are also interested in making a difference in how children learn. I believe in innovation and collaboration. I feel that as a teacher of young children I have a unique opportunity to help promote the idea of becoming a safe and responsible digital citizen in the world. I have created many blogs and wikis for this very purpose.

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