Adaptive Learning Combined With Powerful Analytics

There are various ways through which technology can be employed effectively in the classrooms. One example of such an organisation leveraging new technology to empower teachers, parents and student is Fishtree

Fishtree covers key learning management functionality like planning, assignments and assessments combined with adaptive learning experience and powerful analytics. Fishtree exists to help empower every teacher and engage every student. It is an amazing learning resource, so, let’s explore more about it. Fishtree has a learning management platform that employs powerful analytics, recommendation and personalization engines, to delivers a classroom solution for the teacher as well as personalizing for the student individually. And then they continuously adapt to the needs and changing profile of both.

It is an award-winning learning platform that utilizes content recommendation and personalized engine to assist teachers and students in teaching and learning. The website empowers every teacher and students by engaging them in creative activities. It permits teachers to create rich and informative lessons.



The Fishtree platform arranges resources that includes real time media, to learning standards like US Common Core, and customized these for every student, on any device. Fishtree allow teachers to focus on nurturing their students’ minds and students to enjoy learning experience.

Adapt to Every Learner

Fishtree identifies every student’s Learning DNA by analysis their learning profile. The platform adapts to the student’s needs as well as performance, and also gives each student personalized learning resources.

Peer to Peer Engagement

Fishtree allows classes to discuss and communicate with each other. Fishtree provides an unbelievable one-to-one engagement tool between student and teacher with the objective of learning.

Learning Management

Fishtree provides comfortable environment for learning and teaching that built-in powerful alliance, suggestion and customized engines and as an active and open system would incorporate with current systems like LMS's, and Gradebooks.

Teacher’s Side of Fishtree

Signing-up with Fishtree as a teacher has many benefits. After you sign-up, the team of Fishtree will assist you in setting up your classroom and students. You can also set-up your class by yourself.

    • When you first log-in, you will kick start with your teacher’s dashboard scree.
    • Dashboard includes notifications of activities as well as insight graph of student’s progress.
    • Using the graph, teachers can keep students under various categories.
    • After scrolling down, teachers can see the Fishtree social media feeds. It is used to share contents or resources, connect with class. This social media is transparent therefore; teachers can see everything about their students.
    • Teachers can build their own profile, can check messages, build lessons and logout.
    • On "create classes" screen, you can create classes, edit profile or get an overview of grades and subjects.
    • On the "lessons" page teachers can view past lessons pages.
    • Although, before teachers start adding the contents, they must decide the standards.  Well! If you find difficult to decide the standards than you can simply type the topics and the list of standards will automatically appear. Moreover, the Fishtree team will get you the standards loaded.
    • Fishtree learning algorithm automatically recommends that it thinks related to your subject and grade.  
    • Fishtree interface is very friendly and every teachers can navigate easily though the website.

Student’s Side of Fishtree

Now after covering the teacher’s side of Fishtree, it’s time to look on the student’s side.

      • Right after the log-in you will see the dashboard that is similar to teacher’s dashboard.
      • Students also have social media feed where they can comment and like post.
      • Notification about any feedback, lesson or anything will be available on the dashboard itself.
      • The assignment page of the students consists of every update; they can see all current assignment activity.
      • Student’s assignment also consists of all the learning resources, text, media, links and documents.
      • Fishtree system automatically tracks the kind of activities like text-based or video-based students prefer by calculating the number of click, engagement time, etc.
      • Students can get immediate feedback on the lesson if the result is system generated.
      • Fishtree system also provides note pages to students where they can upload pictures, paste links, embed learning resource, or record information.

So if you are interested in learning more about Fishtree then visit their website. But if you are wondering about its name then let me tell you it has come from a quote given by Einstein, "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."  

Whether you are an individual teacher, school or district, Start teaching with Fishtree today !    

About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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