Squify: The New 3D Search Engine, Have You Tried It Yet?

Squify: The New 3D Search Engine, Have You Tried It Yet?

Introducing Squify- Squify is the new 3D search engine enabling users to find what they’re looking faster. Let’s look into detail what actually this amazing 3D search engine offers to us.

Presenting Squify

Squify is the first search engine in the web world that responds to the search queries that are visually attractive and easy to steer. Squify offerings a 3D view of search results that have a preview of the site with content. So that users can get a clue of what the website actually contain before they go to the site. Obviously, there main aim to grab the attention of the users and hence the market share and profit. But profit is not for typical reasons as Squify donates 95 percent of advertising profits to good cause selected by users under the www.squify.com section.

In the Sponsor Cause section, there is list of charitable organization across the globe that is serving the community.

Squify a UK based venture and the CEO of the company is Alex Wheeler. He explains the business model of Squify as, "A business model where the driving force of a company is not solely measured by the return on investment but the quality of the product they are delivering and changes they have made for the good of people. We firmly believe things are starting to change for the good in recent years and we wanted to make a bold statement by the release of Squify."

When You Search With Squify

When you enter a search query in www.squify.com, your get a list of web pages, represented into rectangular shape with the URL, images and few lines about the content of the website. The navigation of the website is very user-friendly, users can swipe left and right, up and down to see the results.

This search engine doesn't just show the top one from millions of websites. Hence, users can get some relevant and possibly unique results. Meanwhile, Squify doesn't store search result for the sake of privacy of their users.

Squify is presently currently in beta and provides a 3D as well as 2D view for looking the queries. The search query is in the website comes from Blekko- a search engine, and the images is available from a platform made by Squify team by utilizing PhantomJS and Python. The front-end image shown in the search was made using a number of libraries, like jQuery and three.js.

With its different business model Squify is in competition with biggies likes Google and Yahoo, but this search engine is getting popular among the users.

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