Favorite Educational iPad Apps That Are Also on Android

In early days, finding the right learning material was very difficult but today, with the advancement of technology, great learning content has become easily accessible, and affordable for everyone. Learners can discover everything in just one touch of finger.

So, if you are a learner and do not want to waste your precious time, install your favorite educational apps that will help you to enhance your knowledge base.

Various developers have made some wonderful educational apps for the iOS and Android platform to assist you in learning everything in a fun way. Here is a list of some of the amazing educational iPad apps that are also available on the Android Play Store.

Creative Apps

Book Creator:  Book Creator enables users to simply create learners their own beautiful ebooks from your tablet. This app is good for kid’s picture books, textbooks, art books, manuals, cook books, etc. One can easily publish their ebook using this app. Book Creator is a winner of Parents' Choice Gold Award.                      

Explain Everything: Explain Everything is an easy and awesome interactive whiteboard tool that helps learners to explain, narrate, animate, import, and export everything from anywhere. With this app, you can add photos, import PDF documents and objects. Also, you do not need an account to use Explain Everything.

Tellagami: Tellagami is a mobile app that helps you to create and share animated Gami video. Using this one can types personalized messages or can record their own voice. Users can also resize characters and put it in the scene, mix and match background and characters.

VideoScribe: Sparkol VideoScribe is an amazing app, developed to assist learners to create attractive whiteboard-style animations. With the use of VideoScribe, you can easily create effective videos without any technical support.

Croak.it: Croak.it is an app that helps learners to express their thoughts in your own voice. Be it a song, a poem, a story or your views on anything. Croak.it! is the best way to let the world heard your voice.

Animoto Video Maker: Animoto video maker is an app that helps in video creation. Using this wonderful app, you can add text to your video, pick sound track for the video from the library, share videos on a number of social media website using sms and emails.  

Utility Apps

i-nigma: You can turn your Camera into sophisticated barcode reader. Users can share their scanned codes on Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks website. Infact users can also share the scanned codes through SMS.

Chirp: Chrip is the best way to share the stuff using sound. Using Chrip, you can share information from one phone to another. Using Chrip, you can also send notes, links using the built-in speaker in the Chrip. This app can function on all Android 1 Ghz dual-core phones.

Study Apps

Quizlet: In order to use Quizlet, users have to create an account in it. Quizlet is a flashcard that helps you to get familiar with new vocabulary. Some of its features include: audio in 18 languages, easy access to sets, classes and profiles, offline support and much more.

StudyBlue Flashcards: StudyBlue Flashcards are used to make notes, learn and study with classmates, edit voice or add images.

Classroom Apps

Three Ring: The easiest way to capture evidence of student learning. Some of its features include: It can capture photos, videos, audio, and notes from class, using Three Ring, one can share artifacts with parents and students in one click. Users can also enjoy unlimited storage.

Edmodo: Edmodo provides a free and safe place for students and teachers to collaborate and connect at any point of time. Using Edmodo, teachers can foster classroom discussion, upload resources in the form of links, files and photos and much more things.

Schoology: Schoology is an app that assists teachers in managing classroom, submit and create assignments, do assessments as well as foster classroom discussions. So if you want to experience engaging academic experiences choose Schoology today.    

Remind101: This app provides a safe and secure way for teachers to help students in learning and stay connected with parents. It is free and is used by teachers, students, and parents worldwide.


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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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