Great Add-ons That Are Empowering Google Drive

Great Add-ons Empowering Google Drive

Now Google Drive has been empowered by great new Google Add-ons that can be used in the education as well. Here is a list of some Google Drive add-ons for education purpose.


Using EasyBib, users can pullout citations into Google Doc directly. EasyBib is available in MLA, APA, and Chicago style format. If you are writing teacher then EasyBib add is one, you need first.


By using MindMeister add-on from Google, you can turn bullet-point list into mind map, and automatically puts it into the document. MindMeister is the best way to change a content table into something easy to read. Teachers can use this add on and help students to make a mind map and convert to an old-style outline. MindMeister is a very awesome tool that is very much helpful in education. This Google add-on is great for organize writing.

Track Changes

Track Changes is incredible Google drives add on that is very much useful for publishers. With the use of this Google Drive add one, users can publish a book out of it where users can edit and track changes just like in Microsoft Word.

Table of Contents

Using Table of Contents add on, users can insert a Table of Contents inside the document. This Google add on is extremely useful for educational purpose. Using Table of Content, users can make the document easier to move around or navigate. However, users must remember that in order to function this properly they have to make things like Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.


Thesaurus is always required in the studies. So this Google add one is also very much useful. Insert a thesaurus into Google Drive. While writing papers, Thesaurus is a very beneficial feature for both teachers and students.

Template Gallery

If the Microsoft Office template gallery is not sufficient for you then this add-on is for you. Template gallery contains a lot of useful spreadsheets, form letters, as well as pre-formatted mailers.

Texthelp Study Skills Highlighting Tools

Google Chrome offers you a 30 day free trial of Texthelp Study Skills Highlighting Tools add on. If you have a special requirement and use Google for education then this add on would be best for Read & Write. Moreover, Texthelp contains: building tools, read aloud, text prediction, vocabulary and much more features. All these features are useful for students. The trial is free for 30 days and then you have to pay for it.


However, this is more of business app but there are a lot of users from education sector as well. Users can also have peer commentators sign-off on work. If you want a way to persuade managers that Google Apps can actually save time, Workflow is the best add-on.

Uber Conference Calls

UberConference helps its users in getting all the viewers and editors of a certain document on a con call. Hence, paves ways to be more productive. You can launch Uber Conference Calls from a document.

Consistency Checker

Consistency Checker is good for those who write long documents or any other documents that need constant check. Consistency Checker do extra checking of the documents for spelling errors, common typos, abbreviation in  two forms, numbers in sentences, etc. For writing teacher or students, this tool is very much useful.

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