Efficient Email Management Tools to Help Students

Efficient Email Management Tools to Help Students

Earlier, assignments, essays, thesis reports, and other writing projects are sent to professors as hard copies. But as technology advances, teachers required students to submit their projects through email. Many educational establishments around the world use this process to save time and resources.

Email is efficient for both the students and the teachers because:

  • Students do not have to print their projects.
  • Teachers can easily check plagiarized essays.
  • Teachers can access the projects anywhere, whenever they want.
  • Students can submit projects where ever they are.
  • Grades become confidential.

That is why, it is very important that students keep their online mails easy to use. To make your email a valuable educational instrument, here are helpful email management apps that students should try.

Tout App for Gmail

Are you tasked to send an email to your classmates? Do you want to get in touch with your group mates, and know if they already read your mail? Tout App is a great email management tool for you! With Tout App, you can create a template email and send it to many of your contacts. You can also monitor if your emails are read or has yet to be opened.


Rapportive allows the user to see related information of their contacts. Related information like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype accounts are displayed at the side of the email for reference. Rapportive is very effective if your contacts are not replying to your urgent email. You can connect with them through SNS and get their attention.


Boomerang is a powerful tool for scheduling emails to be sent in advanced. With this tool, students can send their projects on time, without worrying if it is received by their professors. Boomerang also allows users to snooze received messages, and track response to emails.


This tool is an efficient managing tool for students. It helps monitor mails, whether they are already received or not.  It also notifies the users if the mail has been opened or not, and when links in the mail has been clicked. The interface is also user-friendly, so it is simple to navigate.


As the name of the application suggests, Taskforce lets users transform mails into tasks. These tasks are shown in a floating window, to constantly remind the user. You can also tag your contacts like teammates, classmates, or professors to a task, to notify them.


If your emails are filled with unwanted newsletters, you can easily unsubscribe by using Unroll.me. You integrate your emails into this app, and you just click whichever subscription that you don't need anymore. This will help you save email space, for more important files.


Looking for file attachments can be a tedious task. Thankfully Attachments.me can help you.  This is particularly helpful for a group of students working on a report. They can label attachment using the same tags, and the app will sort everything for quick reference.


Turn your email into a group collaboration application with this label management tool. Grexit lets users set shared labels on a mail. Emails can be given specific labels, and it will change across all contacts under that mail. It makes task delegation easier. It also tracks emails, for a productive work process.

Undo Send via Gmail Labs

Students always commit mistakes in their emails, whether a grammar error in the body, a wrong attachment, or they just sent it to a different person. They can easily solve this problem by using Undo Send in Gmail. Actually it does not remove an email that has already sent. It just holds the email for five seconds, so that you can revert your action in case you change your mind.

Students should learn how helpful a clean and well-managed email is for their study. It makes all their projects, group collaboration and submissions efficient. Try these tools, and see how it can help you improve your online mailbox experience.

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