11 Chrome Extensions Every Smart Teacher Loves To Use

Although Google Chrome is the second most popular browser (first being Mozilla) used all over the world, some people are still unaware of its benefits it can bestow upon them, especially in the faculty of education.

Yes you heard it right! With the use of some powerful Chrome extensions, i.e., add-ons, education can be made more dynamic and effective than ever before

Basically, extensions are created to add more functionality to the browser, which ultimately people can use it to their benefits. In case of teachers, they can use those extensions to make their teaching more interactive, engaging and productive. With those tools, teachers can encourage motivation in their students and stir their level of interest in learning to new heights.

Let’s check out some popular Chrome extensions that teachers are using to make teaching less boring and more fun.

Class Dojo

Be it home or classroom, teachers can give real-time feedback to bring huge improvement in the behavior of their precious students. Teachers can use this app to encourage students to build positive behavior, which ultimately results in good learning habits.


LearnBoost is a pretty powerful tool packed with dozens of features that can make a teacher’s life heaven. It allows teachers to create lesson plans, track student’s progress, design report cards and do much, much more. With this app, teachers can also connect with the parents to share any development or diminution in the students’ progress.


It is an app best suited for students who never sit still when it comes to their performance evaluation. In short, students can use this app for self-assessment or examination to see how well they have prepared for their imminent examinations.

World Data Finder

Using this chrome extension, students can search relevant charts and data for the article they read or view on their Chrome browse. It is a pretty neat and intuitive tool that can help them with their research, analysis, data collection and so on. Make your research fast and your life easy.

SlideGo Presentation

This extension allows teachers to make animated presentations and drawings. They can use this extension to make their class lectures more interesting for students so they can learn things more effectively and thus show results accordingly. By using this extension, you can also create interactive contents. SlideGo Presentation is also packed with additional features like, crossword, quiz, drag, drop etc.

Docs Quickly

Chrome has facilitated you with this extension to help you create spreadsheets, word documents and presentations without breaking a sweat. You don’t need to open websites to create your documents online. It is all possible with just a single click on the chrome bar.

Highlight Keywords for Google Search

Using this extension, you can highlight keywords that you have searched on Google. This way it will become easier for you to find the relevant material with the help of highlighted keywords.

Evernote Web Clipper

Teachers and students can use this application to mark up, save and share online material with each other. You can capture a screenshot of pages you are reading and then access them from anywhere you want.  Apart from it you can also save your online PDF files into your Evernote account.

1 Click Timer

Teachers use this extension to tell students how much time is left to complete their test or project. The specialty of this extension is that you can also use it when you are offline.

Presentation Remote For Google Drive

It is basically a presentation remote that you can use to handle Google drive presentations from your smart phone. Just download ‘De Mobo’ on your smartphone and then activate your phone connection by clicking on the extension button on address bar. Now sign in by using QR code to pair your phone. Finally, enjoy your presentation on docs.google.com.

Word Count

This chrome extension adds a button on the right click menu that allows you to count the exact number of words in the content that you have selected. This extension might be helpful when you have to draft a document containing a specified numbers of words.


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