Engage, Understand and Enhance your Learning Experience with ExamTime

Engage, Understand and Enhance your Learning Experience with ExamTime

ExamTime is a learning platform for students that help them in study through flashcards, quizzes and mind maps. It is absolutely free resource through which students can study technologically.

It has contemporary interface that has changed student’s exam revision approach.

The best thing about ExamTime is that it is cloud accessible and students can use it in iPads, smartphone and laptops. They can learn from this platform from anywhere at any place.

Now take a look on its features.



Flashcard technique is very popular nowadays, therefore, huge numbers of student are using it. ExamTime flashcards are easy and quick to create and can be accessed from anywhere as they are available online also.  Users can attach image and test by flipping them. Using the ExamTime flashcard, you can always test yourself and memorized the area and then discard and then create the entire new deck. Hence, one can always challenge themselves, and can learn more and more.


Learners can test themselves by making a quiz that can measure the scores, timing and much more.

Mind Maps

Make a colorful and attractive mindmaps that summaries a lesson and contain all the keywords. In the mindmaps, one can attach the pictures and diagrams for any subject. Playback features are also available on ExamTime’s mindmaps through which you can make the animation.


Learners can create the notes like they do in Microsoft's OneNote by using videos, images and text. Users can add every type of interactive elements in the note.

Let’s know about all of them in detail

Mind Maps

Mindmaps are the perfect tool to improve learning experience by quickly and easily connecting ideas. Therefore, today, Mindmaps have become best tools for learning. It starts with a topic at the center and sub topic splitting out from the center. Further, the sub-topic divided into more branches that contain more details about the topic. Online mindmaps helps learners in:

  • Establishing connections between various areas
  • Making a comprehensive overview about subject or lesson
  • Researching in-depth into a certain area

ExamTime’s online Mindmapping gives freedom to the users to unlock their imagination by articulating ideas rapidly and spontaneously.

 by PatrickNoonan


Using flashcard is a great idea to learn various facts, dates, formulas as well as vocabulary. Flashcard is high standard learning tool as learner put questions one side and the answers another side. Flashcard can be accessed fromeverywhere. ExamTime free flashcard tool is best for studying and learning vocab, formulas or history dates and everything in-between.


Using this feature, you can add a number of quizzes. It is the best way to test your learning. In fact, one can add images in the quiz that makes quiz more interesting, also helpful in identifying historical figures. Timers can also be added in the questions. This tool is great to revise the short questions in less time.


Final Word

ExamTime is an online platform through which students can study in a group by sharing mindmaps notes that they have made using ExamTime. Students can also create their profile and connect with their friend on Facebook using ExamTime. By sweeping the resources from each other they can learn better.

Aside from above mentioned features, there is lot more available on ExamTime.

  • Users can print their resources.
  • Users can embed ExamTime tools in any blog or website.
  • Users can also share their resources using various social media channels.
  • Users can also make friends to the people with whom they want to work.
  • ExamTime also have a blog that covers everything for a student; it is also a great resource for the students.

Now doubt, with all these feature,s ExamTime is great asset for learners. 

About the Author
Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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