OpenStudy: For Students to Participate in Study Groups on the Go

OpenStudy: For Students to Participate in Study Groups on the Go

What is OpenStudy App?

OpenStudy is a free app that empowers students to study online by sharing notes and asking questions to others. Presently, OpenStudy has more than one millions users.

This wonderful app connects social networking experience with educational surroundings. The app connects educators and learners and makes learning experience better for both of them.   

What is the History of OpenStudy?

The website of OpenStudy was launched in 2007 by Ashwin Ram- Georgia Tech professor and Preetha Ram- Emory University dean.  OpenStudy is financed by National Institutes of Health, Georgia Research Alliance, and National Science Foundation. It’s headquarter is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

How it is Different from Other Apps?

Students belong to any school or even those who are studying individually from Open Courseware or other studying material can find great assistance in their studies or can help other student to study as well. On this platform, students can take help in their assignment and homework by attending the virtual class with the classmate they have never seen or met before.

This amazing platform helps you to stay connected with the people as well as the topic. Once students come to know about some people who can help or really know their stuff, they can simply follow them and able to see their latest activity. Students can get regular update via notification if their questions have been replied.

OpenStudy is a free resource for everyone. Users can sign-up OpenStudy app using their Facebook also and you can start looking for the answers to the questions that you find are difficult.

So overall it is great place where you can get a lot of experts in your studies from the people across the word. Take a look on this video.


How Does OpenStudy App Look and You Can Use It?

The home page of the website includes links to request questions, view topics and groups, as well as read latest questions. Help menu present over the website have a lot of videos on how to use different tools available over the website. FAQ section make users clarify about some of the basic tools and terms.

Practical Uses of the App

  • Get assistance in studying history test
  • Seek help when working on a geometry equation
  • Help other students who are weak in algebra
  • Collaborate and study with other before midterm exam

Insider Tips

  • Make a study group with real friends
  • Users are graded on the basis of their usefulness of their answers
  • Users can use equation editor to set-up compound mathematic algorithms

What You Will Like

  • Users of OpenStudy do not have to get from their bedrooms to study with their friends.
  • Rating on the basis of usefulness encourages users to contribute more.               


  • Free of cost for everyone
  • Easy registration process
  • Best resource for high school, college level as well for independent
  • Collaborative atmosphere
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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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