Kick-Start Any Writing Activity in Your Classroom With Write About This

Kick-Start Any Writing Activity in Your Classroom With Write About This

"Write About This" is a visual writing platform best app for classrooms which inspires students to write. With this app, teachers can make writing assignments more fun and engaging for the students.

The images and prompts in the app inspire kid a lot to write. Each feature of this app has been designed by keeping kids in the mind; navigation of the website is kid-friendly.

Write About This prompts and images are suitable for all ages. Moreover, kids can make new prompts by utilizing their own mind and images available. Write About This is the best app for those kids who are struggling with written expression. Students can compose and save their work within the app; kids can use email to share their compositions.

Why to Choose Write About This?


Parents and teachers can keep their kids or students engaged with a number of image as well as topic. Writing using a tablet brings a sense of challenge with fun and makes writing creative.

Tammy, parent & Special Education teacher says, "I downloaded Write About This app yesterday and my 10 year old daughter is having a blast! In fact this morning, she chose creating a story over her TV time!"

Learning Approach

The three levels of prompts for every image involve varying steps of writing skill.


Navigation of the platform is very clear and easy. From work saved to the camera roll, to app gallery everything can be edited perfectly. Voice-recording feature assist to meet the requirements of different learners having different learning abilities.


  • Easy to Use
  • Created by a Teacher
  • Customization to Fit Every Learner
  • Respond Right on the Device
  • A Platform for Creation
  • Now with Author Profiles!

How Teachers Integrate Write About This

  • Teachers can give free writing time to students by finding that inspires them.
  • Student photographers are in charge of creating a custom photo prompt.
  • Teacher or students pick a prompt to show using a projector and the whole class answers in their Writer’s Notebooks.
  • Teachers can models writing approaches by making a Write About.

What Kids and Educator have to say about Write About This?

Take a look how kids and teachers are using this app. 

Versions: Free vs Full

Write About This’s free version enables users to try out the various functionality and features.  With the free version, you will get:

  • Images: 1 per category
  • Prompts: 3 per category
  • Write Abouts: 1
  • Create Your Own: 1
  • Author Profiles: 1
  • Export to Camera Roll: Unlimited
  • Voice Recording: Unlimited
  • Searchable database: None

And with the full version you will get:

  • Images: 125
  • Prompts: 375
  • Write Abouts: Unlimited
  • Create Your Own: Unlimited
  • Author Profiles: Unlimited
  • Export to Camera Roll: Unlimited
  • Voice Recording: Unlimited
  • Searchable database: 1200+ keywords

Take a quick look on this Write About This video below, and download its free version to get the real experience of this app.

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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