How is BookTrack Making Reading Fun?

How is BookTrack Making Reading Fun?

Booktrack Classroom is a free web app that enables students to read and create movie-style soundtrack for their story. This exciting technology synchronizes audio with text to give immersive experience to its users.

Students can pick from the Booktrack library to write and add soundtrack in their own story.  Booktrack library has the collection of over 20,000 professional-quality audio files. This web application is really effective and has a lot of benefits.

  • 17% increase in comprehension
  • Common Core integration across multiple subjects
  • Free and incredibly easy to use for grades K - 12
  • 30% increase in engagement
  • Proven to dramatically improve test scores
  • Multiple uses across the reading and writing curriculum

Using Booktrack Classroom

Booktrack is an amazing app with which you can synchronizes sound and music effects. For instance - when reading about a person walking in a forest, the readers can hear bees buzzing and leaves rusting as well. Booktrack Classroom has the capacity to sense the speed at which the reader is reading the story by identifying when the reader turns the page. The technology makes the sound at the right time reader turns the page.

Booktrack app could be used in a number of ways to involve the students. Here are some examples:

Read-Alouds: Read-alouds are improved by adding music and sound to a lesson.

Narrative Writing: Students can easily add audio into their real stories to give the feel to the readers.

Informative and Explanatory Writing: Students can make their composed essays and articles informative and explanatory by selecting suitable audio that accompany text from the library.

Literature Study: Students increase their knowledge and understanding of the text by creating their own soundtracks for their stories and novels plays.

Moreover, Booktrack has also collected a number of free lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school levels. These free lesson plans covers a wide range of topics and subjects. All the lesson plans on the Booktrack Classroom have been made by professional teachers and meets CORE standards.

How to Make Best Use of BookTrack Classroom?

Booktrack Classroom can be best experienced with headphones. The sounds and music are so perfectly synchronized that one can easily get lost in the stories. The beat of the rise and fall of the music depends on the situation in the story. Additionally, the Booktrack Classroom teacher’s blog is also a very helpful resource where you can find a lot of useful tips to make the best use of Booktrack.

Now watch this tutorial to learn how use BookTrack Classroom.

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