Build and Share your Professional Learning Experiences on the Go

Sanderling is a social community for educators. With Sanderling you can create professional learning profiles, engage with an active educator community to share best practices and resources, take courses and create projects, and earn digital Open Badges demonstrating evidence of their learning and professional growth. is developed by An Estuary and is available on Web and mobile.

How to Use

To get started with Sanderling, first, you need to create account. Go to, Click Sign-Up, Fill the registration form !

Remember when you are selecting user name, it is recommended to use Twitter handle so you can share it on Twitter directly. After singing-up, you will arrive on live stream of everything being shared on  Now you can scroll and click around to explore the conversations happening over the from different educators.  

You can check ‘getting started guide’ which is on the top of the explore page to get detailed information about the platform.

Sanderling is your social learning notebook. All your activities and badges are shared in your Field Journal. You can document your learning, while you're learning, at conferences, in courses, and in your own professional learning projects, with the devices you carry with you every day. Don't just tell, show – with pictures, videos, blog posts, audio clips... all shareable via social media. It is part social network and part blogging tool. On Sanderling you can connect with other educators to share your learning experiences.

Sanderling is a new community to build and share your professional learning experiences.

  • Build: Documents you’re learning while learning at conference, in courses, in your own professional learning projects.
  • Share: Publish your badges to Mozilla backpack and share your articles via social media.

Check it out today!

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