Kunerango - Enabling Online Instructors to Create and Sell Courses

Enabling Online Instructors to Create and Sell Courses

Kunerango is a platform that enables users to build their own online school for free and with no contracts. It only charges users 10 percent when they make a sale on their course. Users do not require credit card and startup/hosting cost and there is no hidden cost as well.

With Kunerango, setting up your own online school is very simple; just follow these steps.

Step 1: Sign Up for Kunerango

You can choose your school name and email address. Users can edit or change their school name but for the changing the formed URL from the previous school name, users need to contact team Kunerango.

Step 2: Create an Admin User

You can create an admin user by using your first name, last name, email id and of course the password.

Step 3: Follow the wizard

Once you have the admin user, users can take a quick tour of Kunerango. First, you will get an option to edit logo and color scheme. Next, the web application will show the course listing. Finally, you will get an option to manage your school’s settings.

Here is a list of options you will have under school settings.


On dashboard, you will see summary of a number of course creator or teachers. Users can also view a number of courses published and the number of the students pursuing the course. Users can also get the quick link to manage teachers, courses and school preferences. As the admin, you can also change the feel and look of the school.


Using this option user can add and manage courses of the school.


Using Billing option, users can enter their Paypal details of the course payments as well as their deduction of Kunerango’s 10% sale fee per course.


This option will help you to find out earning reports as well as sales analytics.


Under this option admin (you) can see the details of the students signed-up for the courses.


Here admin can manage the teachers or the course creators of the school.


This option enables users to change the look and feel of the school by editing the theme colors, logo, and browser icon.


This option is very useful, you can edit the school name, preferred currency, open and close of the school as well as write to the admin if you wish to change the URL or domain of the school.

Step 4: Now Start Creating Your Course

Now, you can start creating your courses. You can simply create courses by filling the basic details like:

  • Name   
  • Short Description
  • Description
  • Teacher
  • Pick if you want to keep your course Free or Paid

Meanwhile you can also add promo video as well as cover photo of the course.Benefits of Using Kunerango.

Benefits of Using Kunerango

Apart from creating and managing your account, there are a lot of benefits of using this platform. Here are some.

  • With setting up of school, you can easily create the course material and fill the information.
  • Users only have to pay when they can make a sale.
  • Kunerango users are not rivaling with other same courses or course providers in the big market.
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