Top 10 Tools That Are Making Education Easier

Top 10 Tools That Are Making Education Easier

The debate about the connection between technology and education is never-ending. There will always be two opposite sides on the table: some educators appreciate the old methods of teaching that involve ex cathedra classes, a lot of research in the library and other conventional methods of learning; while the new wave of educators that appreciate innovations are always on the side of technological improvements.

These 10 tools prove that today’s students have a lot to benefit from by implementing websites, tools, and apps into their learning methods.

1. The Purdue Online Writing Lab

Professors don’t pay a lot of attention when it comes to explaining the concepts of writing an essay, research paper, coursework, or other types of academic assignments; they simply assume that students were born with that knowledge. The Purdue Online Writing Lab offers free resources on writing, research, style, grammar and mechanics, and everything else a student could possibly need in order to practice the skills of writing.

2. Wondrous Worksheets

This website provides over 800 educational worksheets with topics from science, grammar, handwriting, math, comprehension, and much more. For a yearly subscription of $11.95, teachers and parents can get all types of worksheets and inspire students to work more effectively.

3. BenchPrep

This is one of the most effective learning platforms available online. Students can prepare themselves for any exam; all they need is a device with internet access. The courses provided at this website are adaptive, interactive, and social. Students’ anxiety levels before important tests can be significantly decreased with the use of this test platform, since it will keep them informed and ready for the challenge.

4. Complete Curriculum

This website will convince even old-school teachers that technology has a positive influence over the contemporary educational model. Teachers can get entire lessons plans for Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science at this website. The lessons can be customized, but the base is ready to be used with much less effort involved for preparation of the classes.

5. StudySkills

When a young student has problems with homework and studying, this website will provide all tools that will guide them towards better grades. Students don’t struggle in school because they are less capable than others; they have difficulties because they don’t know how to organize themselves and find an inspiring approach towards studying. This website will help them change their perspective.

6. A Piece of the Puzzle

The education of children with special needs has also been made more effective with the help of the Internet. This social community helps children with disabilities and special needs feel as “a piece of the puzzle” by joining the game room and the chat room. Educators and parents also find this website useful, since it offers valuable information that helps them take proper approach towards children, teens, and adults with special needs.

7. Mrs. Pinkelmeyer

The best way to inspire a child to learn more is to boost their self-esteem. Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and her kind dog do that by showing silliness, warmth and love.

8. 101 Science

Science is not for everyone – some students love it, others want to stay away from it. This website enables students to understand electronics, math, biology, physics, chemistry, Earth Science, Geology, astronomy, and many other subjects. All information available at the website is free.

9. Essay Minions

Now this is a website that all students love. They can get the assistance of these minions whenever they face difficulties with academic writing. Students aren’t paired with freelance writers at this website; they get the help of experts from the relevant fields of study. This concept helps students to not only get better grades on their papers, but understand the process of academic writing as well.

10. LibrarySpot

This website offers great library and reference resources that can help students find the information they need for their projects. They can find the needed maps, newspapers, dictionaries, quotations, dictionaries, and much more.

How does technology influence the way today’s students learn?

If the student doesn’t have control over the time spent on the Internet, they will surely waste valuable hours and the lessons will remain unlearned. However, there are many websites and tools that promote learning and make it an inspiring activity that doesn’t make a student’s life difficult.

If someone is claiming that the Internet has spoiled the entire educational system, they clearly haven’t found out about the 10 tools we listed above. 

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