18 Android Apps for Education

18 Android Apps for Education

Here is a list of 18 android apps for education. 

For Toddlers

1. Learning Letters for Kids: App for easy learning of the letters, it also prompts for mistakes and corrections.
2. Kids & Toddler Puzzle Puzzingo: App for kids who love puzzles. It is fun, 

interactive, vocal, and full of animations.

3. Kids Pedia – Color Magician: Collection of Hundreds of stories using animation to help children grasp new concepts and Thousands of interactive learning games to increase children’s knowledge.

For Elementary and Middle School

1. Kids Paint Free: Can you see an artist in your child? It is the BEST painting program for kids.
2. Periodic Table: A periodic table for the 21st century, with interactive elements that can be clicked to see more than 30 facts each, audio clips, and a quiz mode.
3. Alchemy – Genetics: Great help for logical and critical thinking skills. By playing this game players turn into researchers combining different animals into new species.

High School and College

1. WordPrep Flashcards GRE / CAT: If the GRE is in your near future or you simply want to expand your vocabulary, WordPrep Flashcards is one of your best free options in Google Play.
2. Gamma Ray Calculator: Forget the slide rule. When you find yourself in need in physics class, whip out your smartphone and fire up this free app.
3. Speed Anatomy Quiz: Flashcards will forever pale in comparison once you’ve tested your knowledge of the human body by poking away at it with this app.
4. Formulas Lite: All the major formulas you need for math, chemistry, and physics are right here for free download.
5. Mathway: With this app you don’t even need a data connection to access thousands of answers to pre-algebra, pre-cal can calculus, trig, and statistics.
6. IELTS Writing Model Answers: International students will love the practice and instruction they get from this writing app.

Study Aids

1. Studyblue Flashcards: The wide range of features like card search, offline mode, reminders, and progress save make this flashcard app one the most popular app in Google Play.
2. MyScript Calculator: This is a cool app that lets you write out math equations in your own handwriting and get answers in real time. It’s intuitive and natural and even lets you scratch out mistakes.
3. Edmodo: Stay connected and share information with your classmates and teachers wherever you are with Edmodo, “the Facebook of education.”

Educational Organizations

1. TED: All the ideas worth spreading come to your Android phone so you can broaden your horizons and have your mind stretched anywhere you have a signal.
2. Common Core: The kids won’t care, but parents and teachers will appreciate being able to see all the common core standards for every grade from K-12.
3. Khan Academy Player: The best collection of educational videos covering almost everything such as math, physics, chemistry and more.

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