Tweechme: Helping Educators Build PLNs on Twitter

Tweechme: Helping Educators Build PLNs on Twitter

Twitter is one of the powerful social networking website for everyone; with one click you can connect yourself to someone who is a big name of your industry.

This social networking website has proven to be the best tool for educators, either to pull out information, or to participate in live discussions or to connect with the bigwigs of the education industry.

There are a lot of useful apps available for teachers to learn to use Twitter. Tweechme is one of those great apps. Here's more on it.

What is Tweechme?

TweechMe is a mobile app designed to teach educators how to leverage the power of Twitter and PLNs! Tweechme mobile app is now out and live on iOS, Android and Windows platform. Tweechme was created by a MAD-teacher, Susan Bearden at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy. Here are some of its amazing features to look forward. With various features, Tweechme app will help educators to build PLNs (personal learning network) on Twitter.


To learn all the tips and tricks on how to use Twitter ensure you select “yes” to get the Push notification from Tweechme

Chat Schedule

Using Tweechme, educators can easily browse the education chat schedule and choose the event they want to participate in. They can add the event in their phone’s calendar to help them to recall about the event. 

Do a Quick Twitter Course

Users can go through the Twitter 101 to begin with, move to Twitter 201 and can learn more innovative stuff and soon make your way to Twitter 301 to become Twitter professional.

Tweet your TweechMe experience!

With Tweechme, users can also use the in-app Twitter function to give their feedback about good experience on the app. User’s feedback will help to improve the level of satisfaction.

This is an amazing mobile app that will help you to grow your personal learning network through Twitter. Install this app to get the benefits and to grow your PLN.  

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
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