EdTech Startups Selected in the 2014 Pearson Catalyst Program

This year in Pearson Catalyst program over 200 startups from 34 countries had applied, and among these startups only ten were finally selected to take part in 2014.

Over the course of three months these startups will get access to the Pearson resources and will work with the brand closely. Here is a list of 10 selected startups for the program, working on ten different tasks set by Pearson.


Catalyst Challenge: Data Visualization Solution

GlassLab is a platform that brings key players of commercial games in learning and assessment to grip digital games as a powerful asset in formative assessment environment. You can follow  GlassLab on Twitter and Facebook.


Catalyst Challenge: Mobile Math Input

Mathspace is a platform that offers an adaptive Maths program for the students with directed feedback. It also provides a library exercises associated with the Australian curriculum. You can follow Mathspace on Twitter and Facebook.

Actively Learn

Catalyst Challenge: Critical Reading: Focus, Duration and Comprehension

Actively Learn works for improving reading comprehension of students. It links student’s mind with texts and build knowledge. The software is designed to help educators utilize great texts that promote deep learning. You can follow it on Twitter and Facebook.

Learning Games Network

Catalyst Challenge: English Language Learning Game

Learners explore the island of Xenos and can learn English through playing games and quests. One can play games and communicate with different visitors including other English language learners, coaches, mentors and teachers on the island. You can follow Learning Games Network on Twitter.


Catalyst Challenge: Performance Based Assessment

Sesame is a platform that assists educators to make engaging assessments to give life-long impacts on their students. Using this platform, one can easily tell story through the students and teachers perspectives. You can follow Sesame on Twitter and Facebook.


Catalyst Challenge: Teaching Computer Science in Schools

CodeMonkey is an online gaming platform that helps learners to learn about fundamentals as well as advanced topics of computer programming. The code monkey team has huge experience in both technology and education and aims to transform the way people learn coding. You can follow it on Twitter and Facebook.


Catalyst Challenge: 3D Visualizations for Developmental Psychology

Using Verold, users can create and publish engaging and interactive content over the Web. Verold is a high-performance web platform which streamlines the making of Web-based engaging 3D content. You can follow it on Twitter and Facebook.


Catalyst challenge: Indexing Training and Open Jobs

ClearFit is revolutionizing hiring for small and medium-sized businesses, by making it fast and easy for anyone to find and hire employees that succeed. You can follow it on Twitter and Facebook.


Catalyst Challenge: Learning Outcomes Rubric & Data Platform

ForAllRubrics is a badging and rubrics platform that enables educators to grade students, organize, set up and share badge systems. This platform also provides mobile access via apps in Android and iOS. You can follow it on Twitter


Catalyst Challenge: Standards and Scales Curriculum Mapping

Learnmetrics is a platform that collects, analyzes and connects school data and offer educators with influential analytics and metrics with no setup, configuration and even no IT support is required. You can follow this platform on Facebook and Twitter.

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