Best Online Resources For Budding Writers

Best Online Resources For Budding Writers

Writing requires a variety of resources to be considered successful. Modern Internet technology has numerous dependable tools you can use to write better.

Whether you’re a student, wishing you could write better papers and essays — or you’d like to

 become a famous screenwriter someday — there’s a tool for you online.

This article gives you numerous great writing tools, including those for organization, grammar, plagiarism and many others.

Writing aids

These are the tools you can use to make your work authentic and rich.

Plagtracker – This is a great tool that allows you to escape plagiarism in your written work. Its accurate to sentence level. It can not only add credibility to your work, but it can also enable you get credit for it as the original author-online.

Visuwords – This is an online graphic dictionary. It helps you draw word meanings, associations and ideas.

Focus writer -This is an aid that helps bolster writing focus. It’s a distraction free environment which is very important if you want to make it as a writer.


Organization tools

Organization is the most important part of writing well. Here are a few organization tools for writing.

Evernote- This is a great tool that will help you keep track of all your writing. It’s a cloud solution. This means that, you will be able to write notes, ideas and other small bits that you can use to make your pieces masterpieces. Besides, Evernote also helps you bookmark sites for references, organize note, snap pictures, etc. Best Review of this tool can be found here.

Clipmarks – This is another useful widget that enables users to clip web pages easily. It’s also created as a browser plugin. This enables you to access easily and creates a richer writing experience. – This is a great tool for the visual thinkers. When you see words, what comes to mind? If it’s a lot, this is the writing tool for you. It can incidentally help you brainstorm writing ideas easily. Its best used as a mind mapping tool.

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