Amazing Blogs and Resources for Insights on Special Education

Amazing Blogs and Resources for Insights on Special Education

Special education or special needs education is the practice of educating students with special needs in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. Special kids are learners who are physically, mentally, emotionally and socially delayed.

These learners or students need special education and teachers need to put extra effort to teach them. And teachers need guidance, information and inspiration to help themselves, so that they can teach effectively. So here is a collection of some amazing resources that helps teachers in their process to teach special kids.

Special 2 Me: Special 2 Me is a blog run by a special education teacher that teachers in L.A. Check out this blog to for regular update. Special Education: Jerry Webster- a blogger cum teacher shares his own experience as some helpful and great insight about special education from his classroom.

Reality 101: This blog is maintained by The Council for Exceptional Children with the help of many special education educators. They give advice as well as share their own experiences over the blog.    Learning Disabilities: Check-out this blog to learn more about diverse type of learning disabilities as well as how educators can help kids to excel.

Special Education Strategies and More: Parents and teachers can find useful insight and strategies for the kids or students with special need.  The tips and strategies in this blog help kids to grow emotionally, socially and academically.

:Teacher Sol Maria Angala shares deep insight and experience from her classroom as well as tips to improve special education. She is an exceptional need specialist. 

Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties: Get useful tips and lessons for teachers and staffs working of high school in special education.

Life in Special Education: This blog is maintained by special education educator Karla Banks. You can see what she is doing with her elementary school classroom.

Special Education Advisor: Find a lot of resource for IEPs as well as for special education.

ESU 4 Special Education: This blog provides a number of resources to assist educators and people working towards special education.

Apps for Special Education

ArtikPix: This free app has flashcard as well as matching activities; it helps in practice speech pronunciation in sentences and words.

Communication Skills HD: This app will help special education by visual modeling of communication skills.

Everyday Social Skills HD: This app will enhance social skills by visual modeling of social skills.

iCommunicate: Using this pre-load images and storyboards, also facilities language understanding.

iSpeak Spanish: Help kids to learn Spanish by translating text to text speech from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Percentally: This app enables data collection with automatic percentage conversion and sharing emails, Google spreadsheet and clipboard.

myHomework: This app will help you to keep track of tests, homework, classes, and projects also reminders you. 

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