Student Learning Made Easy With Fun Apps This Summer

Student Learning Made Easy With Fun Apps This Summer

After a hectic school year, students prefer relaxing during their summer vacations. Some students prefer attending workshops for learning different skills during summer break, and some students may feel like staying home and playing games throughout this time.

Parents often worry about the free time their children get during this period. The top priority of most of the parents is to engage their children into some educational and productive activity, so they are ready to take up challenges of the new academic year.

During the recent years, studies have shown that game applications play a huge role in boosting learning abilities of the students belonging to different age groups. You can pick the most suitable application for your child with just a click. By selecting the right application for your children, you can help them to become better students.

Summer Learning Applications for Elementary School Students

Kids tend to get bored during their summer vacations. And besides vacations, kids love playing games on mobile phones. So why not make this gaming educational for them? Consider the following applications for this purpose:

Weird but True

It is an amazing iPhone application for kids. It contains a huge collection of facts that are productive in increasing general knowledge of your kids. Sometimes, kids get too busy with their academic studies that they do not get enough time to learn world facts. Therefore, summer vacations are a perfect time when you opt for applications like Weird But True for your kids to enhance their general knowledge. The interactive and colorful presentation of facts makes this application interesting and entertaining for kids.

Vocabulary Builder 3rd Grade

This application is especially designed for students who belong to the age group of 8-12 years. It helps your kids to understand and recognize different words along with their meanings. The basic aim of this application is to enable your child to:

  • Learn new words
  • Develop understanding of new words
  • Understand the proper use of words
  • Read fluently

In all, this application will help improve language skills of your kids during summer break and enable them to perform better in the next academic year.

Brain Training For High School Students

Students, especially in high school and college, hate doing academic activities during their summer vacations. So, in order to train the brain without any academic activities, try using different android games to keep the mind busy in this period. Some of the interesting applications for students include:

Words with Friends

It is one of the most popular scrabble game applications available on the android and iPhone. You can compete against your friends and neighbors online in this game. It is ideal for those who love learning new words. This application is helpful in learning in the most entertaining way. There are two main reasons why you should install this application during your summer break:

  • You can test your vocabulary
  • You can add new words to your vocabulary

The sense of competition keeps the players motivated in improving their vocabulary. Therefore, the students can polish their language skills with this application.

Brain Games

Brain games by NedaRm is very popular among teenage students. This application is a collection of mini puzzle games that aims at improving various skills of the players. It features 5 puzzle games. The names of these puzzle games along with their targets are:

  • Add -1: To improve concentration and memory.
  • Blink: To improve the level of concentration and time of reaction.
  • Conflict: To enhance focus and concentration
  • Tilt: To improve cognitive visual and problem solving abilities.
  • Memo match: To boost concentration.

People of all ages love playing Brain Games on their mobile phones. The basic purpose of this app is to train your mind to be responsive and active. Students should install this application during their holiday periods to keep their minds alert and active.

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