Newsela an Innovative Teaching Tool for Smart Teachers

Newsela an Innovative Teaching Tool for Smart Teachers

In the modern world of technology, students love to learn from their teachers in innovative ways. With the introduction of emerging tools of teaching students are easily and quickly boosting their knowledge.

Newsela is also listed among the powerful digital resources that are enabling the students and teachers to learn in an innovative way.  It's easy and amazing features are helping the students to learn in an effective manner in their classrooms. If you are a teacher and want to teach your students with the latest tools of technology, then you should use Newsela. Have a look at the information shared to below to learn how Newsela can change the way to teach students.

Innovative Reading

Newsela allows the students to read in an innovative manner. It will enable your class students to make the reading process more or less difficult. This is due to the great features of this technology that provide four levels of the same content. Each level has different vocabulary and structure so that students can select a level that is suitable for them. The information about the content will remain same, only vocabulary and sentence structure can be changed. If you want to make your class students read in an innovative manner, then you should implement this technology in your next class.

Online Resources

With Newsela, you can enable your class students to use an online portal for doing their classwork. Yes, you can provide limited and unlimited access to students in order to facilitate by online resources. Students can use the online portal to complete their class assignments and to place out material that will enhance their knowledge on current class projects. A new study suggests that students learn better when they are provided with a platform that allows them material for better understanding. Thus use this superb tool to teach a student in a way that was not possible before

Progress Tracking

This is the best feature of Newsela as it facilitates both students and teachers to track current progress. By pressing the BINDER tab at the top of the page, students can easily track their class activities. They can see what new projects have been given to them and what projects they have finished. In addition, you can also track student performance by class projects, students and class level. It also provides you an opportunity to download a separate sheet for separate class and student. It could be said now by signing up in this innovative app, both teacher and student will benefit to enhance their class performance.

Free Signup

Teachers and students can sign up in Newsela for free. After doing this, you will be able to create a different class for different level of students. Once the classes are created, then you can teach students in an innovative manner by assigning them a registration code. A registration code will allow students to join their class, by entering their personal information and setting up a password. Sign up for this smart app today, in order to educate students in a unique manner. As students love to learn in an interesting manner so they would also enjoy this innovative process of learning.


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